POLITICAL GUEST: Rockland Republican Chair Lawrence Garvey Endorses Front-Runner Donald Trump


Lawrence Garvey is the Chairman of the Rockland County Republican Committee. Lawrence is an attorney in private practice as the senior partner in the Law Office of Garvey, Tirelli & Cushner Ltd., White Plains, New York. Lawrence has four daughters and lives in New City, New York.

Lawrence Garvey is the Chairman of the Rockland County Republican Committee.

Two weeks ago, the Rockland County Republican Committee endorsed Donald Trump for President of the United States in the 2016 election.

The Party did so for two reasons: Trump’s strong position on two key issues facing this country, and his clear popularity as the ‘front runner’ of this presidential race. Trump’s candidacy hit a nerve in this country.

The main nerve that Trump has tapped into is the issue of immigration and the issue of free trade. His  unwavering stance on immigration and free trade has revealed a previously untapped groundswell of emotion. Many modern Americans are sick of politics as usual and want a dramatic change in policy, and soon.

Everyday American’s job security has undeniably diminished, and a new class of unregistered foreign citizens now enjoy all the freedoms of living in America without the same application of law, regulation, and/or standard when it comes to driving privileges, legal rights and paying taxes.

Trump’s candidacy has ignited a fire in a previously disillusioned and disconnected populace, and members of both the Republican and Democratic parties can agree that a dramatic shift in American politics needs to happen for this country to move forward.

Many feel that they have been left behind by both President Obama’s “Recovery” plan and by the free trade policies of the past three administrations. Trump’s head on approach to tackle these persistent issues is what will lead him to victory and hopefully give the people of this country the change that they are so desperately seeking.

Many Americans see an unrestricted open door policy toward immigration, one that no longer shows a distinction between legal and illegal immigration. By and large, most people feel that immigration is part of the fabric and economic engine that makes this country great. In fact, many welcome and appreciate the diverse cultures that are reflected in this country and find that such diversity is what makes the United States the greatest country in the world.

However, the issue we are challenged with today is that most people believe that being allowed to immigrate into this country is a privilege, not a right – and because it is believed to be a privilege, the rules need to be followed and laws must be obeyed.  In response to this idea of privilege, Trump stood before the people of this country, and he said, “I am going to build a wall!” His idea of building this wall is not an effort to end immigration, but an effort to tighten the laws with respect to illegal immigration. His supporters are not standing behind him to support an end to immigration, but instead they are standing behind him because they see a representative who understands that there are laws – and that these laws must be adhered to. His supporters see a representative who understands the dangers illegal immigration have caused and will continue to cause, a representative who is not afraid to make difficult for those trying to cross the border with a criminal record, and who is certainly not afraid to make impossible for those trying to cross the border with a violent criminal record.

Supporters of Trump have said, “We want laws that reflect our history of welcoming people from across the world and we want those laws to be enforced. If we need a wall to enforce those laws, then build a wall.” Trump’s powerful response to this issue hit that nerve for this country, and consequently, his popularity soared. Meanwhile, every other candidate either ignored the frustration of the people in this country, or made every effort to tread lightly in hopes of not offending anyone. Trump drove this issue head on, and the Republican Electorate responded.

Donald Trump also took the stage on issues of free trade.  There is a feeling among many in this country that free trade has only benefitted corporate interests. For example, companies such as Apple can make their products in China, sell them to the United States, and then claim their profits in Ireland or Bermuda in an effort to avoid paying United States income tax. Many feel that free trade has resulted in the loss of the industrial base of this country and that we have gotten nothing in return, except for cheap commercial products.

Trump, again, powerfully responded by not promising to end free trade, but by making plans to address trade fairly — plans such as negotiating deals with the Chinese and many other countries that reflect the power of the United States economy.

Trump has also pointed out the cheating tactics of the Chinese, specifically the fact that they manipulate their currency to make exports cheaper, how they intentionally steal our valuable intellectual property and how their government subsidizes many of their export products. These are all free trade violation – violations that Trump plans to prevent. Because of Trump’s bold stance on this issue, Americans stand behind him in his endeavor to even the playing field.

As a result of all of this and more, Trump raced to the top of the Republican Presidential field. One by one, his opponents dropped out and proved to be ineffective and undeserving. Any discussion of Trump being unqualified for President is unconvincing and certainly made out of fear. Trump is more than qualified to take a stand on all of the key issues that this country is facing, and he is more than qualified to lead this country in the direction we need. Based on the statistics, it is clear that Donald Trump will win the Republican primary and will continue to win remaining states, including New York. Through Trump’s plan of action for this country, he has earned the right to be considered the frontrunner and he has earned the right to our support. Our goal is to put a Republican back in the White House and Donald Trump is our best chance.