EXPECT: More written content in upcoming weeks, months


Edited and expanded, April 14th, 2016


Note from the Editor- We are taking the day off from the news cycle due to the April 1st date. We will be back in the office tomorrow.

We at the rocklandpost.com believe strongly in the power of photography and we have a team of talented photographers who have been pairing up with writers to provide photojournalism and written content of the highest standard and quality.

In the next 48 hours, we will share some of these videos and photos.

In the next two weeks we will publish our contributors and columnist contributions, and look forward to your comments and your feedback.

Added April 14th-

Over the next few months we will really hit our stride.

Please remember, we are a baby organization. In less than two weeks, we have been able to accomplish many amazing things.

Rocklandpost.com looks forward to growing, changing and maturing before your very eyes.

Please be gentle with us, as we are a small business, and lots of things we do are just for the good of our community.

While we are a for-profit company, we have standards and ethics that rule and guide our day. If you see a way you can help make us stronger, or have something to offer please contact editor@rocklandpost.com