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This is the first  in a series on the emerging Chris St. Lawrence (CSL) scandal. Classic CSL behavior during weary days for the Ramapo township.


Prior to arrest a photo-op of St. Lawrence at Ramapo Town Hall in Suffern. Photo courtesy of Facebook

Thursday morning was a bad morning for Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence as the Feds came a knocking right at 6a.m. on his Suffern home property.  They cuffed the government official, now indicted on 22 counts of bond fraud and alleged illegal financial misdeeds in connection with the building of Boulder Stadium in Pomona.

Supervisor St. Lawrence wasn’t the only one who was taken down by the long arm of the law, assistant Ramapo Town Attorney Aron Troodler; former executive director of Local Ramapo Development Corp. was also captured.

St. Lawrence and Troodler were processed at Rockland County Jail, which should include mugshots and fingerprinting, and then transported by U.S. Marshals to White Plain’s Charles Brieant federal justice hall where Magistarate Linda Smith allowed both men to bond out on their properties at a value of $500,000 each and a promise of passport surrender. St. Lawrence already handed in his present U.S. passport copy and Troodler promised the court to return his U.S. traveller’s ID within 48 hours. A financially stable person must guarantee to the federal court that the two accused of multi-million dollar bond and alleged taxpayer misappropriations will make good on their new half million dollar bail bond payable directly to the U.S. Federal Government.

The following day Chris St. Lawrence returned to Ramapo Town Hall in metered spirits to oversee Ramapo Town affairs.


Prior to arrest St. Lawrence on official business for Ramapo township

“I am going to continue to run Town Hall, just as I have for the past sixteen years.” St. Lawrence stated to the small group of broadcasters and the rocklandpost.

St. Lawrence radio show ratings have began to soar as people from all over want to know what the still-seated 22-time indicted town politician has to say for himself and his townspeople.

It should be added that Christopher St. Lawrence has an over $30,000 lien on his Suffern home which is now U.S. Bail bonded property!

Stay tuned to rocklandpost for more St. Lawrence coverage