Crime: KING CSL Back at the helm of police commission; the people bring their picket inside building



Christopher Saint Lawrence (CSL), the indicted Supervisor of Ramapo, came to play Police Commissioner for the regular town hall meeting today. The quickie meeting was suddenly moved from its usual 10 a.m. Thursday date to a speedy 9:15 a.m. Wednesday spot.

This abrupt shuffle of meeting time was likely meant to shake detractors of the now infamous supervisor, yet CSL cited other board members schedules as the reason for the board to change meeting to a day early.

The first order of business was to reinstate Tom Buckley to the ousted Adam Peltz’s fire inspector spot.

Before the meeting, members of the community could not believe they were going to bring back Tom Buckley, since Buckley left the same position under a cloud of suspicion.

After a brief five minute go at official town business, CSL announced to the small group of about 35 people, that the board was going into executive session to discuss pending litigation and to “Clear the room.”

That task was met by a volley of angry voices.

A man from the back cupped his hands around his mouth as he chanted, “C, S, L, resign now!”

Angered Townspeople yelled, “We don’t want you here, leave already!”

Grassroots organizer, Judah Lerer, told the dissenting group of  35 residents not to leave the room.  St. Lawrence continued to request everyone leave the room repeatedly and Lerer continued to say, “we must stay here, this is how this must happen.”

Several members of the police department stood up and cleared the room in a quiet and calm manner. A few of the dissenters took the opportunity to confront the unusually quiet Supervisor.

The ousted group gathered outside to read protest letters and speak with News 12 and the

Judah Lerer, a resident of Ramapo for 30 years, said it was “very frustrating to deal with St. Lawrence” as he was very rarely in the town hall building and he was often making building deals that the people of Ramapo were against.

The Ramapo residents, who have been under the leadership of Chris St. Lawrence since 2000, say they are not giving up.

The contingent of upset residents have been calling Town Hall non-stop to ask CSL to resign.

The movement to appeal to CSL and try to have him resign his position has more than 500 signatures on

The supervisor, out of jail on bailbond until his trial, is due back in court tomorrow, according to his lawyer.

The town board meeting next week has been cancelled and the board will next meet at their regularly scheduled time, as of now, in May.