The Ballad of Christopher St. Lawrence and the people around the Ramapo Mountains; PART ONE



Recently indicted on 22 counts of felony bond fraud  Supervior Christopher St. Lawrence (CSL), was born and raised in the Ramapo Valley area.

Many members of the habitually sleepy bedroom community were actually surprised how little connection they now have with the sitting supervisor.


CSL leads a Ramapo Town Hall meeting before his April 2016 arrest by FBI agents



CSL poses in front of the early stages of Boulders Stadium

“It seems [Christopher St. Lawrence] is always out making building deals that the people do not want,” stated Judah Lerer, a 30-year Ramapo resident, to the

Many of the townspeople who are now picketing the Ramapo Town Hall actually knew him personally before he entered the political arena.

“I remember him going around knocking on people’s doors looking for signatures for his first political run.” said Mary Brockway, who moved to Ramapo over 30 years ago from Elmhurst, Queens, with her husband and small children, for quality of life and excellent school system.

Brockway continued, “I knew [Christopher St. Lawrence’s] mother from supper parties. I trusted him.” continued Brockway “He was saying he had an Andover and Harvard Education, yet nobody can find proof that he graduated never-mind finished one class at these ivy league schools.”

The people’s picket-line on the front lawn of the Route 59 Ramapo Town Hall in Suffern have been receiving a lot of support from drivers-by.


Camille Saunders strikes a pose with her CSL poster branding him a “liar”.


A small crew get big beeps outside CSL’s Town Hall on Rt. 59, Suffern

“I don’t think there is anybody who has passed by and not honked their horn,” stated a neighboring worker who went by the name of Rose.

Rose continued, “In fact, it seems like people are leaning quite heavily on their horns. It’s like a continuous sea of beeping.”

The chorus of horns has done nothing to unseat the sitting and indicted Supervisor of Ramapo. In fact, at last weeks town hall meeting CSL didn’t even invite public comment after changing the meeting time to a day and an hour earlier.

CSL, who has been supervisor of Ramapo since 2000, seems to have no plan to leave his seat to fight the federal government.

On the day of his arrest CSL said to the long awaiting press, “I look forward to my day in court.”

Members of national and local news stood outside of the White Plains Federal Courthouse for over two and half hours waiting for St. Lawrence and his lawyer to exit the building.

Paul Diamond, a long time Ramapo resident questioned, “Do you know how long it takes to fight a case like this? He could be in court for years! Who is footing the bill and who is running the town while CSL prepares for his court case?”

It seems as if many of the Ramapo people have questions. CSL has not come forward to speak with a media outlet yet to clear his name. We here at the would like to see the Supervisor make a good attempt to clear his name from what appears to be an on-going and contemptuous situation between himself and his constituents who are not for the continuous up building of the Ramapo Valley area.