RETRACTION: Kelly Myzner remains in jail under one of her known aliases. Follow up story on Dr. Berstein and Myzner the Medispa worker to follow.

kelly Mysner planned to kill with new boyfriend, foot doc Ira

Kelly Myzner being taken out of the back of Ramapo Town Hall Police Station after cops allege she and beau planned to hire a murderous hand


Myzner was nabbed after a night-time shopping spree at the Suffern Walmart directly across from the Ramapo Police Station which had Myzner under secret surveillance. Police carry her evening Walmart purchase on the left of the handcuffed Myzner.


You can catch a glimpse of her hot pink handcuffs, purchased by police Dept. for breast cancer awareness.  The rocklandpost begs the question, with ninja leaps like these why did Kelly want to hire a hand to kill her new lover’s ex-wife?

Kelly Myzner, the raven-haired pip above, has made headlines once again! This time for being arrested in a “very cold” murder plot outside of the Suffern Walmart! Ramapo Police rushed to take down the little shopping diva in a coordinated effort with Rockland DA’s office, and Rockland County Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI).

Police are staying tight-lipped on what exactly prompted the night-time nab of ‘Little Miss Myzner’ and her foot-friendly Doctor pal, Ira Bernstein.

Myzner was taken down at 9:15 p.m. and within an hour her well-known foot-surgeon beau, Ira Bernstein of Rockland Podiatry, was taken into police custody in his own home wearing a patterned collared button-down shirt and blue jeans.

Ira Bernstein, mugshot of Rockland Podiatry foot surgeon for alleged planning to pay for ex-wife's murder

Ira Bernstein, 41, mugshot of Rockland Podiatry foot surgeon for alleged planning to pay for ex-wife’s murder

Kelly Myzner, medical spa worker, and girlfriend who is alleged to help plan a murder for hire scheme against surgeon's ex-wife

Kelly Myzner, 35, MediSpa worker and is alleged to have helped plan a murder for hire scheme against BF surgeon’s ex-wife

Police say they were alerted by an “respected” informant who first went to a “Spring Valley Police officer they knew and trusted” to share in the details of murderous duo’s plan to hire the reporting party as a middle man tasked with finding an individual desperate enough to kill a woman for money.

Suprisingly, if you live in Rockland, you have likely heard of these two alleged schemers. Yet, this the first time you have publicly heard them as a duo and as conspirators to a murder plot.

Kelly Myzner, 35, is known for being one of the many martyred hasidic woman who appealled to the public outside of the Hasidic sect in seemingly unfair custody cases where the Hasidic men take control of the children in Rockland family court and the women, including Myzner, are and were left without any support from their former religious community.

In 2013 and 2014, Myzner contacted media outlets seeking news coverage of her then losing custody battle of her three young boys in Judge Eisenpress’ family court. Yeshiva World and a few other publications followed her bizarre and seemingly quite unjust family court case.

Myzner, besides being a mother who lost parental rights she was also a medical spa worker at MediSpa, a local Rockland Spa that closed a few weeks ago.  Shockingly, Myzner is also alleged by cops to have three known aliases. Apparently, Kelly also responds to the first name of Heidi!

Myzner’s interesting past also pegs her working as embalmer at a funeral home by the tender age of 21.

Myzner, an out-of-work MediSpa employee, has yet to-be released from RC Jail  by paying a $600,000 bail.  Surprisingly, her new beau, Dr. Ira Bernstein, well-known foot surgeon at Rockland Podiatry is unable to make is $600,000 bail at this time.

Dr. Ira Bernstein, whose offices are in Ramapo and Bardonia, is reportedly a negligent bunion doctor who has paid out over $2M in damages to a 12-year-old girl and a female teacher claiming botched bunion surgeries in 2015 and 2014, respectively.

The $2M in damages were paid out by the doctor’s med mal insurance. In some sick part of the twisted plot, Myzner and Bernstein hired the would-be killer to “severely beat-up”investigators who may have been the ones who helped testify against the foot surgeon in the aforementioned cases.

The doctor who is still in the midst of a divorce with his still very alive ex-wife is sitting in the Rockland County jail saying he is unable to make his bail.