Asst. DA Richard Moran pleads successfully for no bail reduction on Ira Bernstein, a foot doc cops say tried to kill his wife by hiring a hitman.


Ken Gribetz and Dr. Ira have a quick talk after the bail reduction motion was denied.

Dr. Ira led out of courtroom and back to his jail room after failed attempt to lower bail amount.

Dr. Ira led out of courtroom and back to his jail room after failed attempt to lower bail amount.


Dr. Ira Bernstein, of Rockland Podiatry, was bailed out of jail today, leaving “Kelly Myzner”, who cops say is Bernstein’s girlfriend and co-conspirator to his wife’s foiled murder plot, behind bars.

Bernstein appeared in Justice David Zuckerman’s court on Thursday with well-known lawyer Kenneth Gribetz to plead unsuccessfully for a bail reduction. The foot doc and his attorney sought to reduce the $600,000 bail down to a mere $50,000. Miraculously, the Bernstein family, who sat in court to help seek the major reduction was able to make the $600,000 bail in less than 24 hours.

Gribetz spoke with reporters after stating, “I have never heard of a $600,000 dollar bail on a murder in Rockland County, never mind a Class B felony like this [case],” Gribetz stated to reporters outside the Rockland County Superior Court. Gribetz continued, “I have heard of $25,000, I have heard of $50,000, I have heard of no bail! But never $600,000 on a case like this.”

Gribetz cited “excessive and ridiculous media coverage” on the “small” crime which the DA’s office alleges Bernstein and gal pal, “Kelly Myzner”or “Heidy Morris”, plotted to kill Bernstein’s wife, Susan, by means of having a stranger hit her with a car and make it look like an accident.

Richard K. Moran is the lead attorney from the DA’s office since the case’s inception in the first week of April. The DA, Rockland Bureau of Criminal Investigation, and Ramapo Police all acted in concert to oversee the investigation of the alleged murder-for-hire scheme, helping video and audio surveil the alleged murder schemers.

The investigation went so far as to have insurance investigators feign injury while wearing make-up to satisfy the hurtful wants of Bernstein and gal pal “Kelly Myzner”. This alleged crime is said to have had a successful money exchange for “severely beat[ing]-up” these insurance investigators who may have been the ones who helped surrogates court deem Bernstein negligent in two medical malpractice lawsuits.

Assistant DA Moran successful pled to stop a reduction of bail. Moran stated that “$25,000 or $50,000 not going to bring the defendant back to court.” Moran cited that the Bernstein was prepared to pay $100,000 to have his wife killed by a hitman. Moran also spoke of Dr. Bernstein initial agreement to pay $200,000 to have a stranger mow down “his wife with a car and make it look like an accident.”

Justice David Zuckerman upheld Judge Nelson’s Ramapo Town Court ruling and bail stayed at the set $600,000.

Immediately after exiting the court, Ken Gribetz confirmed that the family was going to be able to make bail by using “parcels of land that are in the family’s control.” Gribetz confirmed those parcels of land were not the marital home, or any land presently connected with Ira Bernstein or his wife, Susan.

No word on “Kelly Myzner” or “Heidy Morris” is planning to haggle her bail. The spry mistress remains in RCJ, as the doctor is free to go back to work, as a Rockland County Podiatrist.

Expect a story on the mistress this weekend, only from the