STORY: The Boulders light up the night for its sixth season opener

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Thursday, May 19th, marked the sixth opening day at Boulder Staduim, but the first without an opening day pitch by famed Supervisor Chris St. Lawrence to kick off the 110 day season.

At all six season openers, West Point Master Sargent Mary Kay Messenger, Lead Vocalist and Operations, has sung our National Anthem. According to Boulder Stadium rep Christian Heimall, Master Sargent Messenger has been with the Stadium longer than any ball player or staff member. Messenger has serenaded crowds at Yankees, Mets, Jets and Giants games and has been a vocalist at sporting events in her hometown since the age of 12.

This is the first game after the Town Park’s name change to Palisades Credit Union Park, and the first game since Ramapo Supervisor Chris St. Lawrence’s FBI indictment on 22 counts of bond and wire fraud in connection to the building of the Pomona Ballfield.

St. Lawrence was released on a $500,000 bond for his own Wesley Hills home that same April afternoon and returned to work the next morning to run town affairs to the dismay of a number of the taxpayers stuck footing the bill for the multi-million dollar stadium.

The Boulders lost 4-2, but that didn’t stop fans from enjoying the beautiful May night.

A group of nine year old buddies lined up behind third base with their baseball gloves to catch foul balls.

Koby Bekritsky, 9, makes sure his father, Brett, brings him and his friends to as many Boulder’s games as possible.

The young Bekritsky said he comes to the stadium to see if they can catch some pop-up balls and Bekritsky says his favorite player is former Boulder, “Joe Maloney! He’s everybody’s favorite.”

Donnie Schiller, 8, said his favorite part of going to the game, “Getting on the big screen! It’s so much fun.”

Conor Reeves, 22, Tappan, and good friend Hunter Curran, 27, Virginia Beach, just graduated Domincian College on Sunday and came to the park to start the summer.

Reeves said, “This is definitely going to be my new summer plan, every Thursday and Friday at Boulder Stadium.”

Curran concurred, “Its a beautiful stadium and the vibes are great…  I come here for the good times, and the dollar beers.”

John Thomspon, ambassador and accessibility liaison the Boulders, says the Boulder’s have become a more second family to him. His position with the organization has given his life “real meaning and purpose,”  Thomspon gladly greets and assists guest before and during the game while using his wheelchair to get around and mix with guests.

Christian Heimall, works closely with Thomspon during games says, “Johnny is the true heart of the Stadium, without him we would be lost.”

In the dugout Rocklandpost spoke with Lori Rahaim, Althletic Trainer for the Boulders and local college Saint Thomas Aquinas.  Rahaim has been on staff the longest of any member, and over the past 5 seasons Rahaim says ballplayers have gone on to join the Twins, Rockies and other affiliated teams.

Brandon Martin, 14, has been a bat boy for the team for the last three years. Martin says his favorite part of the job, “Is spending time with the players…I look forward to it every year.”

This was the first opening game for Boulders ballplayer Ray Frias and he said it felt “awesome” to be back out on the field.

Ray Murray, a guest services coordinator says, “It’s hard not to have a good time here, just look at the view,” as he gestures toward the sunset.