No Knock Registry passes in Airmont, Overnight Parking remains on the Table



If you want to solicit in Airmont, the fees just went up. You must register for a 60-day license, and pay $200 instead of the old $40 fee. You will receive a list of homes that have registered on the No Knock list which you must avoid.   Of course, you must continue to skip homes that have posted stickers or signs stating ‘no soliciting’ as well.

The issue of No overnight parking attracted the most debate. The Crown Plaza in Suffern drew about 270 residents.

Those in support of the year round no overnight parking law cited driving hazards, and quality of life.

Some members of the ultra orthodox community saw it as a violation of their religious freedom since they host out of town visitors and they must to be close to synagogues. The crowd broke into screaming matches and applause several times throughout the hearing.

Six months of the year, a no overnight parking ban is already in place in the village of Airmont.

Mayor Philip Gigante said the issue would be tabled and did not have a timeline of when the issue was to be brought up again.