Supervisor Hoehmann responds to Hausner, and political fighting since Chief Sullivan’s suspension


At 8:15 am this morning Clarkstown Supervisor George Hoehmann spoke on radio station WRCR to address the political fallout and rumors since the Town Council suspended Police Chief Michael Sullivan.

Supervisor Hoehmann responded to Councilwoman Hausner’s Facebook claim that she was not apart of Chief Sullivan’s suspension,

I was frankly very disappointed to learn over the weekend from a Facebook post – which may have also been picked up in the media – that one of my colleagues on the board, Councilwoman Hausner, said that she was not present for the discussion of this matter. That is simply not true. Councilwoman Hausner, due to her work schedule, has had to miss a few meetings. She was not able to make last week’s town board meeting. Prior to the town board meeting was when we met for an update with counsel to discuss this matter. Councilwoman Hausner and I corresponded earlier on this matter and she was asked to join that meeting by phone and she did. She was present by phone for the discussion. I asked if she agreed with the course of action taken and she agreed. If people do not want to take my word they can take the word of the other three members of the town board and the two attorneys who were present for the discussion and Chief Sullivan himself when he came into the meeting later on to attend the meeting. That was when Councilwoman Hausner identified that she was on the phone and she said ‘hello’ to the chief. It is simply not true what was posted.

As for the charges against Police Chief Sullivan Supervisor Hoehmann says,

The rules of the department apply to every officer from the most junior officer all the way up through the Chief of Police. People have rights and we intend to insure that those rights are protected and we need to insure that anyone who is facing disciplinary charges in the police department that their rights are protected. That is what we are doing. …We are very supportive of our police department. We are very supportive of law enforcement in general … But it doesn’t mean that any member of the department is above the rules.

Hoehmann went on the outline the 35-day hearing process, and said he expected the whole matter to move along in a quick manner.

In response to the civil suit filed by Police Officer Hatchard-Cole,

There [are] an awful lot of people that are jumping to conclusions. There are a lot of people out there who are offering information that is erroneous and unfortunately there is now a frivolous lawsuit.

That lawsuit is from a litigant who has a history of filing lawsuits and it is not too difficult for people to go back and look at the other lawsuits that have been dismissed without merit. This lawsuit will be defended vigorously by the town. It’s a civil rights lawsuit and so we will take direction from our insurance company – it will be covered through our insurance companies. It’s amazing the lengths some people will go to thwart reform. Nobody said this was going to be easy but I am not going to be cowed by threats and I have received some cowardly and anonymous text messages that were pretty shocking and I have also received support from people saying we stand behind your attempts to reform the town.

Hoehmann stayed on message and said he was voted in to reform all levels of government and he was not going to be intimidated by a few.



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