Clarkstown’s Brady Bunch branches County-wide


The political fallout from the suspension of Chief Michael Sullivan continues.


Now that the seven charges have been announced through Clarkstown Police Chief Sullivan filing a denial of charges in court, here is a brief summary of accusations-

  • Misconduct and insubordination, not obeying a direct order from Supervisor Hoehmann to remove Sgt. Cole-Hatchard from director of the Rockland County Strategic Intelligence Unit and place him in Clarkstown Police detectives unit as of same day, July 1.
  • Improper conduct with other members of police commission by Sullivan inquiring about Supervisor’s order to move Sgt. Cole-Hatchard on July 3.
  • Misconduct and Incompetence by speaking on social media about pending litigation and personnel matter with former Clarkstown police officer Robert Lynn’s disability case in June.

The political fallout continues.

Sgt. Cole-Hatchard filed civil litigation claiming his civil rights were violated by the Town Supervisor reading his work emails between himself and Journal News reporter, Steve Lieberman. Cole-Hatchard said his rights were violated because the emails were sent on personal time.

Cole-Hatchard began an investigation, after his conversation with the JN reporter, into George Hoehmann’s late LLC campaign contributions and says he determined former Clarkstown police officer dubbed “Officer T” in the documents to be the source of the funds.

“Officer T” has been identified by the Journal News as Michael Garvey. Garvey matched lawsuit allegations of being terminated in August 2015 from Clarkstown Police Dept. and the sale of his license plate reading business for over $2 million dollars, both mentioned briefly in the pending suit.

Michael Garvey is accused by some Democrats, and some supporters of Chief Sullivan, to have a lot of political power over George Hoehmann due to these late contributions, which total $218k. It was also alleged in lawsuit that “Officer T” was going to get Sullivan removed from his Chief position “one way or the other.”

Michael Garvey is business partner and an investor in Chris Day’s new business venture, a Car Wash on Rt. 59. Chris Day is a former Republican congressional candidate and son of Republican Rockland County Executive Ed Day.

Garvey was a political contributor to both Day campaigns. Both County Exec. Ed Day and his son Chris Day say they know Michael Garvey from their church. Chris Day called Garvey a friend in his Facebook announcement about their car wash last week.

Now Democrats from the next town over, Ramapo, and Rockland County Legislators Ilan Schonberger and Alden Wolfe, want to override the hearing process and reinstate Chief Sullivan through a resolution this Tuesday night at the Legislature County meeting held at the Allison-Parris building.

Vincent Balascio, chief of staff for George Hoehmann said by telephone, “There is pending litagation, we are not at liberty to talk about the matter, no matter what the outcome is. There is a process, we have to let the process play out.”

We want your opinion, how is this going to end? What do you think should be done? What can happen? Is it better to have a more visible process for government officials?

Please post in the comments.

Here is a copy of the resolution so there can be no mistake about its intent: