Christopher St. Lawrence trial date set


Christopher St. Lawrence Ramapo Supervisor’s trial to start early 2017



Ramapo Supervisor Christopher St Lawrence’s trial date for 22 counts of federal securities fraud, wire fraud and conspiracy charges was set by a federal judge today for January 9, 2017.

The federal judge in White Plains set a number of pre-trial motion and conference dates starting in Sept. leading up to the January trial date. This was Christopher St. Lawrence’s first appearance in federal courthouse since he plead not guilty at his April 14 arrest and arraignment, and St. Lawrence was released on a $500,000 bond of his Wesley Hills, New York home.

Prosecutors estimate the trial will take four to five weeks to conclude and prosecutors expect to call over 30 witnesses to the stand.

Aron Troodler, former assistant Ramapo town attorney, was also charged in the bond scheme, returned to court today with his attorney Susan Wolfe. Troodler was released on a bond of his home in Pennsylvania in the April arrest.

The 22 federal indictment counts are based on over 205,000 pages of evidence, and include over two terabytes of data, including pictures and videos.

Christopher St. Lawrence is being represented by Patrick Burke and his son, lead counselor Michael Burke of Burke, Miele, and Golden, LLC.

Federal Judge Cathy Seibel, a former prosecutor is presiding over the St. Lawrence and Troodler case.

St. Lawrence and Troodler refused to comment to press after today’s court date.

No word on if the St. Lawrence intends to step down from his 16 year supervisor position before the January trial.



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