Whose going to win today in Rockland?

Happy Election Day to all the candidates!


Election season comes to a close today. Many are hoping when they go to bed tonight they will know who the next President of the United States will be and many campaigns across the nation will either close their doors for good, or get ready for the next campaign in the morning.

Rockland County has been blessed with some tireless and dedicated politician. Today is the day when we re-elect them or send in a new face.


Here are my predictions for today’s local races-

PRESIDENT- This is anybody’s guess. Likely Clinton. It will be close. Trump supporters are diehard and this is not an easy race to call. Trump will win Rockland.

NY STATE SENATE- David Carlucci (D ) will win this race.  Although it may be a closer than normal for the three time incumbent. Carlucci’s dedicated nature and tireless advocation for the working class doesn’t go unnoticed by his voters.  Being an independent in Albany gives him and Rockland an edge to bring home money from Albany and laws passed for Rockland County. His challenger Tom Diprisco just doesn’t have the same energy or benefit for the county.

97th DISTRICT ASSEMBLY- Ellen Jaffee (D ) will be re-elected. Although not without a good showing from newcomer Joe Chabot. Jaffee knows her district and has a strong democratic base and following in the county. Expect more of Chabbot in the future, he is politically savvy and this 25 year old political newcomer is going to be running again, and likely winning.

98th DISTRICT ASSEMBLY- Aron Wieder (D) will have enough votes in this district to win this seat. Incumbent Karl Branbec didn’t even bother to solicit votes in Rockland.

ROCKLAND COUNTY JUDGES- Pat Loftus (R ) and Kevin Russo (D ) will win.  Larry Schwartz will come in a close third due to strong dem backing and strong campaign, very close.


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