LTE: South Nyack Residents shocked by 2nd Bike path planned to cut thru village

November 22, 2016


South Nyack residents could be besieged by wolf packs of NYC weekend cyclist



A group of approximately 25 South Nyack residents attended South Nyack’s Village Trustee Meeting on November 22 at Village Hall.

This fall, South Nyack residents were shocked and dismayed to learn about plans to develop the Esposito Trail, run a bus route down Franklin St with stops and large urban-style shelters in front of peoples’ homes as well as widen Franklin St to add a bike lane to accommodate street bikers coming off the planned-paved Esposito Trail.

Village residents believe that they were not properly informed when they supported the Mayor and Village’s choice for Plan F, when many now feel that the concerns that the Village had about the terminus being at Cornelison Ave have simply been moved and dumped on the residents in the Franklin St and Clinton Ave vicinity.

Concerns that were brought up at the Village Hall meeting by residents, employees of the Village and Trustees were:

  1. Safety – safety concerns include pedestrians on the trail, children boarding school buses on Franklin, the Village’s lack of ability to patrol the Trail through the proposed late hours, emergency vehicle’s inability to access the trail if there is a criminal or health-related emergency, possibility of increased crime, danger to bikers that will be riding alongside buses on Franklin
  2. Environmental Impact – residents were truly upset to hear that a nature trail would be sacrificed and industrialized as there is little “green space” in South Nyack, there are serious concerns about the impact of this construction on drainage, there will be an increase in traffic, buses and cars idling directly outside of residents’ homes
  3. Traffic and parking – residents pointed out that there will be traffic at the corner of Clinton and Franklin with drivers trying to get on and off the New Bridge as well as groups of cyclists and pedestrians all attempting to negotiate the same corners.  Local side streets such as Clinton and Brookside will be flooded with parked cars since there is no parking on Franklin
  4. Aesthetic Impact on community – the design of the Esposito Trail in renderings is completely overdeveloped and out of character with the Victorian/Arts and Crafts style of local homes
  5. Communication – Residents feel that there has been a serious lack of communication regarding the planning for the LINK Bus Routes/Stops and the development of the Esposito Trail

Residents Urged the Mayor and Trustees to:

  • Revisit these current plans and consider the possibility of “Plan F Plus” which could potentially allow for cyclists to get from the SUP directly to BROADWAY via the old exit 10 entrance
  • Advocate for and with residents to have the LINK buses and stops moved out of residential areas
  • Communicate more openly and regularly with residents
  • Keep the TZ Task Force (the mayor indicated it is “winding down”) and allow 1 – 2 residents (particularly from the Clinton/Franklin vicinity) to be a part of the TZ Task Force
  • Come up with a plan to include residents in making decisions that directly impact their quality of life

Residents were told that the Mayor and Trustees need “time to digest this information and come up with a plan”.  Residents were told that they could expect follow up communication by Mid-December.


The People of South Nyack