To predict…or not to predict…that’s the question BY MAYA NASH

To predict…or not to predict…that’s the question…


It’s that time again, new beginnings as we  resolve to be better people, happier, more organized, thinner richer, the list goes on. We are chomping at the bit for insight on what the virgin months ahead will bring. As those with extrasensory abilities know Universal predictions are unlike personal predictions/ readings.It is much easier and clarity clearer when you are reading a person- one on one. It isn’t possible to actually sit down and make a concise yearly list of what will occur.  The information presents itself, first by not looking for it…images, words, even visions appear randomly. Energies are constantly changing so is the information the sixth sense picks up. Certain images are strong and clear so as the New Year begins images become predictions. It is also important to note that timing, in the ‘psychic realm’ is often ‘off’. Some information is more long term, or down the road.  Last year I predicted Donald Trump would not be president…this wasn’t a personal feeling/preference…and it is something that still resonates. Am I picking up he won’t be ‘presidential…or that he won’t be in office long. Please know that the intend of this statement is not to bring politics into this writing, its more to share my confusion regarding a forecast I felt/still feel so strongly about. So on to the impressions and forecast of 2017.  One does not need to be intuitive to forecast the strangest most unorthodox political era ever. A revolving door for many appointed officials. Sadly, 2016 saw more loss of legends and celebrities than past years…and this will continue at least the first six months of the year. It is more than the passing of older celebrities but shocking younger stars in both music and TV. The Kim K/Kayne West divorce promises to be one of the messiest in recent years, with major legal issues and arrests attached. Kris Jenner will create headlines.  Chloe K will become a mother. Brad Pitt in rehab, prior to a brief reconciliation with Angelina. Strange weather patterns and earthquakes in areas  not associated with quakes. Health scares for the Pope …and scandal at the Vatican.  Stock market shaky, esp. first 3 months of the year. New and stronger proof of life on other planets. More unrest at Standing Rock before an optimistic solution. In Rockland strong psychic impressions surround local politics as the arena ignites into outrage after a quiet period.  Court system shake ups. Justice takes an unusual twist in a long standing political scandal. Arson strikes at house of worship.  Feel this as a development in Europe as well .A corporate giant makes Rockland the base of operation. A new media outlet brings the County into the 21st century.

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