editor’s note: Please read until end…make Valentine Day not about you, but who you forgot!



The excitement of winter’s holidays are all but a memory now. There is not much to look forward to unless, of course, you count on Valentine’s Day to lift you from of the end of winter doldrums.

It may appear to be an invention by retail markets to bridge the cash flow between Christmas and Spring, but the reality is Valentine’s Day is deeply rooted, not only in the Victorian Era and ancient Paganism.  The 14th of February is the eve of Lupercalia was pagan fertility festival. It was also the day set aside for love  games-match ups.   Devoted to Juno, Queen of the Gods, and patroness of marriage, a single woman’s name were written on slips of paper and thrown into bowl to be picked out by single boys, and partnerships made.  Doesn’t sound too romantic! Later Christianity substituted the name of the deceased St. Valentine, who may or may not have been an actual saint, to play down the passionate Pagan practice.   

The  more romantic observance of Valentine’s Day, dates back to the mid 1600 England, but was only celebrated by the upper classes. By the 1700 – its popularity had spread with all classes taking part in the practice of giving love tokens, but more important were the cards. The early valentines were hand made, using special paper crafted for the sole purpose of creating a lovely and personal approach to expressing love with words, poems, missives. Soon cards were soon being produced en-mass. A young college student from Massachusetts, Esther Howland was inspired to start creating cards after receiving one from a friend in London. It didn’t hurt her burgeoning business that her father owned a stationary store so she could mass produce her creations. Her business flourished and that’s how valentine’s cards found their way to the USA.

a picture of Esther Howland and a few of her magical love cards for Valentine’s Day (below is Holwand’s work as well)

So basically what began as match up game remains that way, in a sense.  If you are in a relationship -plans for romance with your other half become a priority. Heaven help the partner that either forgets the ‘significance’ or doesn’t go overboard in the expression of love.

If you are not in an established relationship, shortly after New Year’ thoughts shift to the supposedly most romantic day of the year.  Men go into hiding…Ladies panic, thinking is it worth taking a hit if she is to face the day/evening alone?

Joe Melamed, 2013 exhibit

It’s certainly a far cry from those early Victorian missives…and sentiment. Valentine’s Day is basically just a day, you can make the most out of it or ignore the variety of hearts scattered everywhere but it’s just a 24 hour period. We don’t need a special day to express love. Make it a priority each day.

But for those dreading the upcoming holiday here are some tips to get you through. Start the day by expressing gratitude for your blessings. Focus on the positive things in your life. Write yourself a love note; list the things that make you wonderfully unique. Purchase a pretty heartfelt card for a friend or neighbor. If there is a senior citizen in your area what a sweet surprise receiving a card would be. Make plans with friends. Host a tea….go out for lunch or dinner. Put the focus on other person, less on you, that really does the heart good, after all it’s really about the heart today. Does anyone really need that box of chocolates? If you simply must, go ahead and treat yourself, a little chocolate is a good thing as releases endorphins in the brain to make you feel good! Dark chocolate is even better. Flowers are just as beautiful if you purchase them for yourself. Fresh flowers bring positive chi into your environment.



-Maya Nash is the resident psychic at rocklandpost.com and gives in person readings at her shop Mind Over Matter in Nyack, NY


For those looking for a magic love enchantment as the day creeps up…I’ll leave you with a little spell… Do this on a Friday during a waxing or Full Moon. Find a quiet place and free of distractions. Draw a circle on a sheet of plain paper. In the circle list all the qualities you are looking for in a mate. Don’t have a specific person in mind as you do this. End by writing…I am ready for the person that is meant to be mine fold the circle tie a piece of red ribbon around it as you recite this chant 3xs

-“In love and peace and pure intent

Send the one that has been meant

From lifetimes past and lifetimes yet

In the here and now our love to grow.”

 So be it

Keep the folded paper between your mattress/box spring until your true love enters your life

Have a blessed and magical Valentine’s Day, and every day