The Mario Speedway is now open! WESTBOUND ONLY


courtesy New Bridge Project

TZ Bridge (far) and Mario Cuomo Bridge (near) courtesy of New Bridge Project


Well, its not the first time a bridge has been built here, but its the most expensive.

$3.9 billion dollars later and less than four years after building started on the project, we have a what Governor Andrew Cuomo called “piece of artwork”, but you can call it “The Mario Cuomo Bridge”.

Or as we here at the Rockland Post call it, “The Mario Speedway”.

The Rocklandpost does note a large contingent of locals refuse to call it “The Mario Cuomo Bridge” opting to pay homage to the Tappan Zee Bridges’ Native American and Dutch naming roots.

In a world of GPS guided cars, we wonder how long that sentiment can actually last.

Knowing Rocklanders, it maybe a long time.

Gov Andrew Cuomo took an inaugural spin in this 1955 yellow Corvette, the same make/model car Gov. Harriman rode in 1955 TZ Bridge opening.

The highlight of the event, (before a bus full of future voters/children were driven over the bridge in a yellow school bus) was Gov. Cuomo taking the first official drive on the new span in dandy colored Corvette. The Corvette was the same make and model driven in the Dec 1955 opening of the TZ Bridge, which connected Tarrytown and Nyack over a 3-mile road span for the first time in history.

But, Cuomo’s passenger may have been the only one to have seen it all before.

Seated next to the Governor was 96-year-old Armando “Chick” Galella. Not only is Galella a Pearl Harbor survivor, but he also drove Gov Avril Harriman in the same make/model Corvette during the 1955 TZ Bridge festivities.

No one can dispute, Armando “Chick” Galella, likely had the best seat in the house.


Here are some pictures, courtesy of Nyack Library, of the Dec 1955 TZB opening.

The first Bridge, long awaited, is finally a reality. The TZ Bridge connected Westchester and the small farming community Rockland for the first time.

The bridge eastbound (below)


Here is an aerial picture as of April 2017, after the completion of the westbound lane.