Over 101K sign petition to restore Tappan Zee Bridge Moniker to Westchester- Rockland Bridge


Over 101,000 signatures have signed on to a change.org petition that wants to revert the present name of “Mario Cuomo Bridge” back to the original bridge’s moniker, Tappan Zee Bridge.



NY Governor claimed right wing billionaire Robert Mercer was secretly behind the push to retract the political billing of “Mario Cuomo Bridge”, the late NY Governor and father of Andrew Cuomo. The present Governor said the push to revert the name, was “mean spirited” and “vindictive”.

As of December 1, a go fund me page raised over $4,000 from nearly 200 individuals making small donations. www.GoFundMe.com/SaveTheTappanZee

A Westchester man named Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, Esq, MBA started the Go Fund Me and Change.org pages which have garnered thousands of signatures from local residents.


Excerpt from Dr. Monroe Mann’s Go Fund Me page:

My name is Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, Esq, MBA.  I’m a resident of Westchester County….

“There is a long tradition of renaming public structures after politicians”.  Well, the tradition is wrong, corrupt, and a waste of tax-payer money.  With all due respect, the history of the Tappan Indians and the Dutch is far longer (and more important) than this terrible tradition of renaming public structures after politicians.

 “Mario Cuomo had a profoundly positive effect on New York State.”  That very well may be true, but as an apolitical organization, we won’t be getting into that issue.   And that’s precisely the point: it doesn’t matter how much of an impact he had on our state, his name does not deserve to push aside the ever greater & historical Tappan Zee name.  In fact, after I read a recent biography of Mario Cuomo, I have to say, I have a lot of respect for him. I honestly think he would support our side of this controversy.

It is for these reasons that I have started this fundraising drive: to take our cause to the next level in the form of a not-for-profit. This organization will help us better organize and execute this fight, and will allow me to spend more of my time over this next year leading and organizing the effort. ”

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Presently the petition has over 101,000 people sign on, the goal is 150,000 signatures.