Fantastic ‘Tax Cut’ for the people to eliminate $1.47 Trillion USD Debt?

“It’s a tax cut.”

Everybody is going to be saving money, and the US government is only going to profit a $1.47 Trillion over the next 10 years.

This isn’t voodoo economics, this isn’t trickle down economics… its right in your face…it’s your pocketbook, future, retirement… your family choices…

Not since 1986 has the US tax code had any major revisions (6 years into the Reagan Administration).

There are two narratives being sold by two opposing parties…and neither of them is entirely accurate, go figure.

Democrats vs. Republicans.

Will it make you poor like the “fake media” is telling you?

Will these tax cuts only profit ‘Trump’s rich friends?”

Anyone with a business mind will tell you, this change in tax burden will lure business and financial minds back to American life and help restructure a few things in a positive manner. You know, there are other Countries. A lot of them have better worker rights, less governmental control, and competing markets.

The flip side is, Americans are being asked to be a giant stakeholder in a system that supports a bull market that makes its most money raiding their own retirement funds, and selling their most valuable assets and jobs to other countries and bidders that generally have no interest in America or it’s future.


So, its a double edged sword.



Global Market problems.




more to come