UPDATED: Winter storm maybe on its way, be aware for Wednesday Commute; Rockland, New York, Northeast

Monday Feb 5, 2016

photo credit: accuweather.com

A fast-moving storm will bring powerful rains from US southeastern coast and may accumulate into a snow mix as it moves to it northwestern counterpart over the Eastern Seaboard ongoing from tonight into tomorrow. A continued mixed weather, with a high of 33 and sunny is expected tomorrow and now a mid-week Wednesday snowstorm is expected by accuweather.


“Sunday: Another wave of cold air could drop 2 to 5 inches of snow across much of Upstate New York.

Monday: A few lake effect snow showers. Non-freezing temp of 33 degrees and sunny is expected, low chance of precipitation throughout the day, metrologist at accu-weather now expect another storm on Wednesday.

Tuesday night/Wednesday. This is where things get a little fuzzy according to accuweather. A storm system is likely to move in from the Tennessee Valley, but at this point the exact path isn’t clear. That’s important because if the storm tracks to the west, where there will be warmer air, it could bring some rain or a mix of rain and snow. A new winter storm system is expected to blanket the area on Wednesday morning, bringing between 1 and 4 inches of accumulation, according to the National Weather Service.

Wednesday night/Thursday. Cold air returns, bringing snow showers and flurries.”



 AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Bernie Rayno said that despite fast moving nature, the storm will be “tapping” plenty of moisture from Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean.

As a result, the rain and snow can come down hard for a four- to eight-hour period according to Rayno on Sunday and Monday, many Rocklanders felt a large portion of this long downpour today.

“The heaviest snow is likely to fall from northwestern Pennsylvania to northern New England,” Rayno said to accuweather news. Land in this area may get up to 2-6 inches according to their report.

The fast movement of the storm will limit the periods of rain and snow, so large flooding and voluminous snowfall should not occur according to accuweather.com. This storm system moved faster than expected and second storm is headed our way on Wednesday according to last minute updates.

The storm forecast maybe to be strong enough to cause urban flooding, and deliver enough snow to which can cause substantial travel delays, due to last minute shovel out and plow needs. 

Motorists should reduce their speed while traveling on the highways due to poor visibility, excess water on the road and the risk of their vehicle hydroplaning.

photo credit: accuweather.com


A pattern of moderate to heavy snowfall is also likely to be centered over part of the lower Michigan and Ontario over to New York state, northeastern Pennsylvania, northern New England and southern Quebec.

Mild air surge makes rain/sleet mix and lower accumulations in different areas outside of New York.

When rain and sleet mix in, motorists should expect unpredictable and slippery travel and should allow extra time to get to their destination, no matter how close or far your destination maybe.

Thunder and lightning may accompany the rain in parts of the South and along the Atlantic coast.

According to accuweather, Airline delays due to de-icing activity and slippery runways are likely to happen at major hubs of Cleveland, Pittsburg, Detroit, and Cincinnati. Airline delays due to poor visibility and a low cloud ceiling are likely for a time in New Orleans, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City and Charlotte, North Carolina, on Sunday.

Accuweather reported their meteorologist Rayno pronouncing, “For much of the South and Northeast Interstate-95, this is a rain event.” 


The rain may be heavy enough to cause brief urban flooding.

Northern Temperatures are to drop over the next week or so.


So, some would say, looks like six more weeks of Winter.