***Letter to the Editor- New Yeshiva and dorm hearing 2/13 in Ramapo has local residents concerned after notice goes missing

 New Yeshiva hearing has local residents concerned

A missing sign announcing a public hearing on a special permit for yeshiva and dorm on 294 and 296 Spook Rock Road has residents concerned. Town says they will replace notice that went missing over the weekend.

UPDATE: Town replaced the sign, meeting still to occur on Tuesday, 2/13 at 8 p.m.

Original report said the meeting was to occur on 2/15 due to undecipherable date on this public notice. Can you tell if that is a 13 or a 15?

Eastside of Spook Rock between of Slemmer Lane and Highview Ave. Zoned Residential-25. Both 294 and 296 Spook Rock road are deeded over to Yeshiva Gedola of North Bergen Inc.

The Rockland Post has been contacted by many residents who are concerned about property coming off their tax rolls and the financial stability of Ramapo. Others are concerned about the loss of historic and possibly legally protected scenic route. Residential congestion is also expressed.

Yesterday, local residents began to receive mail notice, sparking neighbors to spread this social media message:


Hello Neighbors,
I’m writing about a notice we received yesterday announcing that the property on Spook Rock Road, just 180 feet north of E. Stemmer Lane, is having “special permit and site plan approval” for a dormitory and other issues. These are the same two residences that came up for public hearing back in March 2015: 294-296 Spook Rock Rd
Here’s my suggestion, encouraging you to do any or all of the following:
1. Show up at the meeting, Tuesday 2/13, 8pm. Bring other neighbors.
2. Write a letter to express any concerns so that it becomes part of the public record (see attachment for address).
3. Circulate portions of this email to others, inviting them to do likewise. Use social media too.
4. Go to the Town, get a copy of the site plans, and if you do, please let me (and others) see them.
5. Learn more about the process, and tell us anything you know about the correct process for voicing concerns.
The town letter is attached, in case you didn’t receive it, and I found the current version of the Planning Board Agenda online here, which confirms it — though check again just before the meeting because these agendas do change.
The meeting focus is the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) review, so anything we voice or write should probably relate to that.
I will write the Town to oppose the dormitory, citing “environmental quality” issues such as pedestrian safety, traffic, and most important, the Scenic Road designation of Spook Rock Road, which I believe requires more setbacks and other issues that could reasonably work here.

To me, it’s irrelevant who is building a dormitory. This is simply a bad location to force-fit a residence for lots of people.


Warren and Michelle Bird
Ramapo resident and local author