Twenty five cars crash in “chain” on New Tappan Zee/Mario Cuomo Bridge today

New York Transit Authority captures some of today’s halted traffic

Today, a 25-car-pile up delayed travelers and closed the Gov. Mario Cuomo Bridge for a total of three hours.

The first crash was called in about 9:30AM. The chain reaction occurred on the Northbound NYS Thruway and pushed one vehicles into temporary road barrier that divided the Southbound because Southern span is still under construction. The crossover pushed the vehicle into southbound traffic which caused additional road accidents, according to State officials.

As of 4PM, three lanes were reopened on the new TZB with some delays from car crash clean-ups that continue on this snowy February day.

Four people involved in the chain reaction were transported to local hospitals by ambulance for non-critical injuries, state confirmed.

New York is not alone, Paris also had a snowstorm today that caused traffic chaos and city closed the Eiffel Tower.

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