OUT OF TOWN: Maine Man beats black bear from trying to attack his puppy

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Dustin Gray, 29, fended off a 150-lb. black bear in Maine by punching and kicking the animal in the face then poking his finger in its right eye, according to an interview with Bangor Daily News(BDN).

According to the report, Gray pulled to the side of the road to let his 11-month-old puppy have a rest stop. Gray and his little buddy, Clover, an lab mix, walked about 50 feet into the woods, when a black bear appeared to defend his nearby den. Gray claimed he punched and kicked the bear until it stopped biting the little pup. The growing black bear eventually ran off after the encounter with the 6’5 f.t. Mainer and his pup.

“I stuck my finger right in its eye,” Gray told BDN.

Gray was treated at a local hospital for small scratches and bruises to his arms and swollen hands, and his chest is still sore from where the bear slammed against him, he said to BDN.

Gray went on to say he walked away with minor injuries and his little Clover is in worse shape right now while still recovering from significant puncture wounds.

Vet technician Nicole Ireland at Penobscot Veterinary Services, where the dog is being treated, told BDN Clover’s injuries were “consistent with a large animal attack.”

The local Game Warden Shannon Fish found traces of a bear living in a small den where the attack occurred she confirmed the Maine News outlet. Fish went on to explain that bears usually hibernate until spring, and rarely attack other animals. Professionals speculate after last month’s heavy rains flooded in the region, the bear awoke from deep hibernation and did not go back to sleep.

Gray told BDN, “that was the last thing on my mind, seeing a bear in the winter.”

Monday’s attack occurred around 3:30 p.m. Gray said the attack happened in under 30 seconds.

The bear took off after the eye poking, leaving Gray out of breath with bruises on the side of the highway.

The last reported incident of a human fighting a bear was in 2010, and 1980’s BDN reports show nearly a dozen attacks between humans and bears in Maine, none resulted in death.

Officials including Fish went back to the scene near the busy 1A highway and found a small “mini-cave” where a bear of about 100 l.b. had been living for a short period of time.



Dog owner during bear attack: ‘I stuck my finger right in its eye’