CPD mugshots of three locals captured after gunpoint robbery in New CIty

Details on local bank robbery that led to the arrest of three local individuals.

United States of America Vs. Parrish, Young, and Brown


Jason Parris, 34-year-old male of Nyack, Demetrice Young, 27-year-old male of Spring Valley, and Iyibia Brown, 24-year-old female of Monsey, have all been formally charged with one federal count of robbery. The federal charge,  if convicted, carries a maximum sentence of 20 years. Parris and Young received a second charge for brandishing a firearm during the crime. The firearm charge has a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

According to multiple witness accounts and other evidence, two male suspects came into the Key bank at approx. 2:20PM on Friday, Feb 9.

The FBI Special Agent assigned to the investigation said in a sworn affidavit that three separate bank employees had a “silver handgun” pointed directly at their bodies, faces, and head during the afternoon New City bank robbery.

The two male suspects walked straight into the bank with their faces covered wearing all black. One suspect jumped over the counter and pointed the silver handgun directly at the teller.

The second employee behind the counter was engaged with a customer and the teller was then instructed by the same suspect to “back away” and not look at the robber’s face. The handgun was directly pointed in the teller’s face to reinforce the suspect’s demand, detailed by FBI Special Agent’s initial report on the Friday robbery of the New City Key Bank.

One of the suspects found another employee in the back office.  When demands to move to the front were not complied with by the Key Bank employee, according to the affidavit, a gun was pointed directly at the employee’s head.

An individual parking their car outside the Key Bank, 270 Little Tor Road, saw the two suspects flee the bank with a bag of cash on foot and noticed the black-clad duo running east.

Cops were called.

Little did the suspects know a GPS data location transmitter was already enabled in the bag of cash and detectives were able to determine where they ran to met up with their driver and what route they were taking.

Clarkstown Patrol detained the two suspects and their suspected getaway driver, Iyibia Brown, 24, who was observed driving the vehicle by the CPD officer. Officers found the car to be filled with cash proceeds and the GPS tracking device.

The blue 2006 Infiniti Honda with NYS plates was traveling the exact route of the GPS transmitter. After patrolmen detained the car, multiple law enforcement officers descended on the New Hempstead Road stop near Buena Vista Road.

Brown, 24, was seated in the driver seat with Jason Parris seated in the passenger seat. Demetrice Young was seated in the backseat.

Parris was found to have money wrapped in bank wrapper on his person and a drawstring bag of money was recovered from the passenger seat area. Parris was seated in that area upon the traffic stop.

Police recovered the firearm placed in a mesh pocket behind the driver’s seat from 2006 vehicle.

Parris, Young, and Brown were all immediately placed under arrest.

Parris and Young remain imprisoned on consent. Brown, the driver, was granted an ROR, a release on personal recognize with $100,000 bond. Brown’s travel and activities are seriously limited and monitored by the court, according to paperwork signed by Judge Margaret Linda Smith. Brown must give Federal Marshalls a urine sample before release, and possibly submit to a DNA sample.

Her travel is restricted for work, religious, childcare and court activities within Eastern and Southern New York Districts only. Random drug testing will be strictly enforced and other compliance is stringently enacted and monitored.

Any violation of local, state and federal law will result in fines up to $250,000 and additional consecutive prison time not to exceed 10 years per offense, depending on crime. Contact with co-defendants is prohibited without counsel and witness tampering is strictly forbidden and monitored. Brown is not allowed to apply for a Passport. Any violation will result in bond forfeit and imprisonment.

Young and Parris did not apply for bail at this time, but they might apply for bail in the future.

All three defendants have taxpayer-funded Manhattan district Criminal Justice Attorneys. Howard Tanner is representing Young, Bruce Koffsky is representing Parris and Jim Devita is representing Brown.

Brown’s applications to have her cell phone and 2006 Blue Infiniti returned were denied.

Photo of alleged getaway driver, Brown, 24, provided

Jason Parris has had previous run-ins with the law in Rockland County in Local and County court on drug related crimes. Young also had charges in Local and Rockland County Court for prior drug related charges. This is the first time Young, Parris and Brown have been charged in a commission of a federal crime.

“This case is the perfect example of great police work,” said FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge William F. Sweeney Jr. “The alleged robbers put customers’ and employees’ lives in danger by flashing a gun, and vaulting the counter during the robbery but, they didn’t get far. The FBI Westchester Safe Streets Gang Task Force wants to thank our law enforcement partners at the Clarkstown Police Department and the fast action they took to get armed criminals off the streets.”

Clarkstown Police Chief Raymond McCullagh said, “This arrest was a direct result of the entire law enforcement community working together to ensure the public’s safety and to bring these suspects to justice.”