UPDATED/PICTURES: Rockland roads are dangerous tonight, please travel with care or stay home

Consider staying home or where you are and enjoy the snow until roads are maintained and snow has slowed.

Update 12:22AM: Ridge Road New City reports power outage.

Rockland could see up to eight inches by tomorrow, Sun Feb 18.

Stranded cars and motorists around county. Please stay off roads. Roads, while they are being salted, are very dangerous due to wet fluffy snow falling at a rate of close to 2 inches per hour.

PIP, 304 and main roads are being hit with 4-6 inches in the past 3 hours.

Route 304 in New City and side roads are slippery.

PIP S is at a standstill.Stranded motorists on the PIP Southbound between exits 7 and 6. Three cars stuck in snow. All drivers safe at present time.

Accident and stranded Motorists PIP Northbound, not holding up traffic currently. Exit 6E stranded motorist blocking off ramp. Incline and snowfall are too difficult to navigate at present.

Please be careful and do not drive, roads are unusually slippery.

two motors stuck due to fast falling wet snow and incline PIP 6E.

Standstill traffic wear three motorist wiped out. Everyone is safe at present. Traffic resumed at 15-20 miles an hour. PIP Southbound between 6 and 7.

Wet and fast snow falls across region Feb 17, 2018


Please tell us where you see accidents or issues when at home.


Also you can post your pictures in the comment section from your neck of the woods. Non-driving pics only! Please use care as a motorist and not take pictures while moving ever.

We would like to see pictures of snowfall around houses.

From Maya Nash, Nyack

Ro Johnston, Rockland