LTE:Net Neutrality V. FCC; Is the internet under attack? This letter is circulating the internet.

Letter to the Editor

The internet is under attack by the FCC once again. ( They will not quit. Only this time, the FCC is closer than ever to its ultimate goal, handing the Internet over to giant ISPs like Verizon and Comcast on a silver platter.

On December 14, 2017, the FCC killed net neutrality rules. But do you truly understand the global implications of such a disastrous decision?

These laws guaranteed equal access to the web without paid prioritization fees, unregulated bandwidth throttling, and rampant censorship from ISPs. Now these laws are GONE.

The cable companies are a few short months away from doing whatever they damn well please with the Internet. That includes shutting down and blocking businesses and websites like yours if they dislike your content.

If you cannot afford to pay cable companies more money for customers to reach your business, prepare to close your doors for good.

We can still defeat the evil FCC, but we NEED your help.

Please review our petition, and join MILLIONS of net neutrality supporters by LINKING to our page from your website:

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Long Live The Internet!
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