Chevy Chase gets kicked in the shoulder following a road rage incident in South Nyack

Chevy Chase, 74, comedy legend and cast member of Saturday Night Live’s first season gets served with a shoulder kick on NYS Thruway in South Nyack

By Carol McIlmurray

Chevy Chase, 74, is alleged to have exited his Mercedes-Benz after a road rage incident on the Mario Cuomo Bridge AKA the new TZB.

The 22-year-old male and his girlfriend were driving a Dodge Ram. The pair of cars started interacting on the TZB/MCC. After the bridge, the pair cut each other off.

Chase is alleged of exiting his vehicle. The driver claimed Chase began saying, ”Do you know who the f-*k I am?”

The driver said he was being attacked by Chase inside his vehicle from the open car window.

The young motorist alleged Chase was entering through window and missed punching him in the face.

He said he kicked the native New Yorker and SNL legend in the shoulder to stop Chase from continuing on his expletive filled tirade and physical menacing.

Police say there is no evidence that Chase tried to punch the young driver during the encounter on the side of the NYS Thruway.

The driver who kicked the prat-falling SNL star Chase was cited for the incident by state police and due in South Nyack Court March 5.

The driver claimed he had to use google to find out who Chevy Chase was. Chase was famously quoted in the 1970’s as saying he was more famous than Abraham Lincoln due to his new found television stardom.

Chase was the co-creator and first anchor of SNL’s Weekend Update. Chase was the a prolific writer during SNL’s debut season. Chase left the show after the first season to pursue a movie career.

Chase is known as Clark Griswold and Fletch to many comedy fans. He most recently was a recurring guest star and cast member of NBC’s ‘Community.’


Just another day in our busy New York suburb.

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11:11 PM The first copy of this report inaccurately stated Chevy Chase was the first head writer of SNL. Michael O’Donaghue and Lorne Michaels were the show’s first head writers. O’Donaghue continued in the role until the end of season three. O’Donaghue was replaced by Herb Sargent. In season 7, O’Donaghue returned with Lorne Micheals to reboot the 1981 season. He lasted in head writer role for 8 episodes before he was replaced by Bob Tischler.