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Nyack History, Died in the Line-of-Duty? BY JAMES LEINER

For this story I’m going way back in Nyack History and WAY out on a limb. Awhile back I wrote a column about the history of Nyack’s Memorial Park for the Nyack Villager. While I was researching the park’s history I came across and even more interesting story. Continue reading.


FEB 2017
Do you have a hobby? Many people do. You might guess one of my hobbies is Nyack History.
I enjoy researching about the people of Nyack.
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HISTORY: Toys of our youth BY JAMES LEINER

"Remember the Days?" December 2016 The toys of our yesteryears JAMES F. LEINER Continue reading.

Remember the Days?: Clotheslines

I was driving around my old South Nyack neighborhood a while ago having a long nostalgic moment. As I drove along Cedar Hill Avenue and turned into Washington Street I thought about the families who once lived in the houses I passed. Families like the Evers, Strickles, Fentons, Friedrichs, Cowards, Cranstons
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My Refrigerator Door

James Leiner, July 2016 I was visiting a friend recently and sitting at her kitchen table while she prepared coffee in one of those new single cup makers. Lisa and I spent at least ten minutes going through the assortment of coffee and tea selections in those little plastic cups and making small talk about the kids and the weather. I listened as best I could until my attention was drawn to her refrigerator door; Continue reading.

What was it like living in America 100 Years ago?

By James F. Leiner November 2016 One hundred years ago; 1916, and I think you might be amazed at what a difference a century makes! I spent a few days recently on reading the Nyack Evening Journal and then using Google ..... Continue reading.

Steamboats on the Hudson River

Steamboats on the Hudson River James F. Leiner September 2016 The mighty Hudson River winds its way from deep in the Adirondack Mountains south to the Atlantic Ocean, but its watery length is insignificant when compared to the history the… Continue reading.

HISTORY: Nyack Village Trustee upsets neighbors with his pet pig

You think you’ve got noisy neighbors?
I often get annoyed when I hear the blasting of heavy metal rock music or reggae from a neighbor’s I-pad. Yes to me it’s loud, but I recently came across a story almost a hundred years old making me think twice…
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