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OP/ED: I want to move to Bermuda, where they have immigration laws! BY LAWRENCE GARVEY



I want to move to Bermuda, buy a taxi and spend the rest of my working life driving tourists to and from the airport and giving tours of the small island paradise. Why not? The island… Continue reading.

POLITICAL GUEST: Rockland Republican Chair Lawrence Garvey Endorses Front-Runner Donald Trump

Lawrence Garvey is the Chairman of the Rockland County Republican Committee.  Lawrence is an attorney in private practice as the senior partner in the Law Office of Garvey, Tirelli & Cushner Ltd., White Plains, New York. Lawrence has four daughters and lives in New City, New York. Continue reading.

America Embarks on New Direction; future of both parties uncertain



November 9th 2016 is not a day that will “live in infamy”. It is not the beginning of the end of women’s rights, minority rights or LGBT rights. It is also not the first day on… Continue reading.

POLITICS: Presidential Hopeful John Kasich Woos Pearl River Crowd for Republican Victory Gala on Saturday Night

Rockland Republicans enjoyed Lincoln Victory Gala in style at Pearl River Hilton with special guest John Kasich. Continue reading.