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A Word from the Editor

A word from Editor-in-Chief, Carol McIlmurray-

Hello, my name is Carol McIlmurray and I am the creator of the rocklandpost.com.

carol m

I am the former roving editor/editor-at-large for the Rockland County Times, a suburban New York newspaper that has been in print since 1888.

Over the years I reported original news stories, and I reported them with sense of responsibility and humor that has become my trademark.

I promise you this publication will be one unto itself. I am so happy to have attracted the luck and talent of so many friends, artists, and professionals.

The Rockland Post is a publication unlike any other.  We will showcase real news with a sense of humor and understanding that many news organizations miss.

I have a real and vested interest in politics, law, medical advancement, the arts, and science.

The Rockland Post will not only reflect that, but we hope to celebrate these human endeavors in a thoughtful and thorough manner.

Our editors and staff will always strive for most accurate details and the sharpest angles on the stories’ subject.

The Rockland Post will reflect our local communities and how they play into our world-at-large like no other local periodical.

The Rockland Post relies on photojournalism, real life exposés, and in-depth human interest stories to help tell our American story.

Our publication will feature people making a difference in our community, the new and the noteworthy, and everything in-between. Our motto is, “If it hasn’t been covered, we want to cover it.”

To the sponsor/advertiser:

The Rockland Post offers an in-house advertising team to help showcase your business in the most professional and eye catching way. We will set you up with a design package that you can take anywhere.

To the contributor:

We want our local professional community and emerging writers to feel welcome to submit their most timely and appropriately focused content to our outlet.

If you have an article that is worthy of sharing with the world wide web or would help the public make an informed decision in today’s marketplace or political playground, we encourage you to submit to the rocklandpost.com for consideration.

A headshot and two to four sentence biography will help make you a strong candidate for rocklandpost.com. Email editor@rocklandpost.com with your best submissions.

To the Reader:

Always feel free to reach out to me or any member of my staff and let us know how we are doing.

Not only do we care what you think, we want to create thought-provoking material that leaves an impression and gives you a glimpse into a new perspective.

Each reader will take away something different from our stories, we hope you take away something that entertains you and also pleases your intellectual curiosity.

Thank you so much for checking out our news site, and we look forward to sharing our monthly publication with you and your family very soon.



Carol A. McIlmurray


Rockland Post