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Stony Point Town Hall recieves Grant to restore historic building

Great news for Stony Point Township!

The Town Of Stony Point has recieved grant approval to repair and restore Town Hall. The Stony Point Town hall building currently resides in the Historic Sengstacken home. The Town of Sony Point is… Continue reading.

Chevy Chase gets kicked in the shoulder following a road rage incident in South Nyack

Chevy Chase, 74, comedy legend and cast member of Saturday Night Live’s first season gets served with a shoulder kick on NYS Thruway in South Nyack

By Carol McIlmurray

Chevy Chase, 74, is alleged to have exited his Mercedes-Benz after… Continue reading.

NYS Gov Cuomo Signs Exec. Order Banning All State Agencies and Authorities from Doing Business with Companies that Promote or Tolerate Discrimination

"Governor to Advance Legislation Banning "Gay Panic" as Accepted Legal Defense for Violent Action Based on Victim's Gender, Gender Identity, or Sexual Orientation"... WATCH VIDEO, SOUND CLOUD HERE Continue reading.

Rockland County Welcomes 155 new Americans in a Naturalization Ceremony

Pomona, NY – Rockland welcomed 155 new Americans today in a touching Naturalization Ceremony held at the Fire Training Center on Feb 2. Rockland County Executive Ed Day Continue reading.



JUNE 2017

“Hey Pop,” one of my grandsons asked the other day, “What was your favorite thing on your summer vacations from school when you were growing up?” “Chasin’ lighting bugs.” My parents… Continue reading.

ESSAY:Location, Location, Location: Next Stop Rockland! A recap of the history and value of the County I grew up

Location, Location, Location: Next Stop Rockland!



Westchester is a vast space of manicured lawns with villages, towns and hamlets neatly tucked in between large commercial venues, strip malls, and eateries. In its well-planned and… Continue reading.

Obama’s Legacy: The Top Ten BY JEFFREY OPPENHEIM, M.D.

a first look back BY JEFFREY OPPENHEIM At the conclusion of every Presidency, the process of absorbing and distilling the complexity of successes and failures begins. This is the means by which a legacy is created. In some cases, the process is quick, while in others it takes generations. Continue reading.

Trump’s nuclear cabinet appointments BY JEFFREY OPPENHEIM, M.D.

Thanks to the Democrats, Donald Trump will be relying upon the “nuclear option” almost immediately. This is not to say that he will be starting a nuclear war, but that he can rest comfortably knowing that even his most controversial nominees to more than 1,000 government Continue reading.

What was it like living in America 100 Years ago?

By James F. Leiner November 2016 One hundred years ago; 1916, and I think you might be amazed at what a difference a century makes! I spent a few days recently on reading the Nyack Evening Journal and then using Google ..... Continue reading.

A Home with a View: House hunting ninety-five years ago BY BERTA AND ELMER HADER

BY BERTA AND ELMER HADER Berta and Elmer Hader recount their personal adventure of finding a home in 1919 Rockland County. They recalled their adventure after the Tappan Zee bridge was built.   Continue reading.

OP/ED Special Relativity in Politics

BY JEFFREY OPPENHEIM, M.D. More than 500 years ago the Catholic Popes were known to use their authority to place their relatives in positions of power. Continue reading.

Remember the days? Nyack Memories Before the Big War

By Jim Leiner, July 2016 When I was a kid we would sit on the front porch on warm summer evenings and talk. Long before Air Conditioning the front porch was the place to catch a breeze and shoot it a little at the same time. I marveled at the stories told by my grandparents about Nyack before the big war. Continue reading.

Happy Independence Day, America! How American History could have averted Brexit


BY JEFFREY OPPENHEIM, M.D. As Americans celebrate Independence Day from the British Crown, it is a perfect time to reflect on the decision by the United Kingdom to declare independence from the European Union.  Continue reading.