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Local lovable and incurably popular Paul O’Donoghue of the O’D’s tavern family has passed away


Local lovable and incurably popular Paul O’Donoghue of the O’D Tavern family in Nyack has passed on.

Most recently, Mr. O’Donoghue was working at Nyack’s Koblin’s at the front counter.  The Nyack center will be missing… Continue reading.

Chevy Chase gets kicked in the shoulder following a road rage incident in South Nyack

Chevy Chase, 74, comedy legend and cast member of Saturday Night Live’s first season gets served with a shoulder kick on NYS Thruway in South Nyack

By Carol McIlmurray

Chevy Chase, 74, is alleged to have exited his Mercedes-Benz after… Continue reading.

Spook Rock Yeshiva in Ramapo Vote gets pushed off due to civic involvement, board to vote at next hearing.


RAMAPO- An 18,000 Square Foot Yeshiva Dormitory on Spook Rock road near Slemmer Lane nearly passed planning board, read about it here.

  Continue reading.

New City Bank Robbers Charged in Federal Court, names of suspects released



FBI and the Clarkstown Police Department have identified three people (two male and a younger female) as suspects in the armed robbery of a Key Bank in New City.

Jason Parris, 34, Nyack, Demetrice Young, 27, Spring… Continue reading.

OUT OF TOWN: Maine Man beats black bear from trying to attack his puppy

Dustin Gray, 29, fended off 150- l.b. black bear by punching and kicked the animal in the face and poking his finger in its right eye, according to an interview with Banger Daily News(BDN). Continue reading.

***Letter to the Editor- New Yeshiva and dorm hearing 2/13 in Ramapo has local residents concerned after notice goes missing

 New Yeshiva hearing has local residents concerned

A missing sign announcing a public hearing on a special permit for yeshiva and dorm on 294 and 296 Spook Rock Road has residents concerned. Town says they will replace notice… Continue reading.

Philly turns into drunken and reckless street violence after Superbowl win, watch the UNREAL live footage here

This gallery contains 3 photos.

After watching some of these videos, you might not want to go the Super Bowl in the near future. 2018's crowd for the champion Eagles had a group of people who had complete disregard for the law, WATCH UNREAL VIDOES HERE Continue reading.

NYS Gov Cuomo Signs Exec. Order Banning All State Agencies and Authorities from Doing Business with Companies that Promote or Tolerate Discrimination

"Governor to Advance Legislation Banning "Gay Panic" as Accepted Legal Defense for Violent Action Based on Victim's Gender, Gender Identity, or Sexual Orientation"... WATCH VIDEO, SOUND CLOUD HERE Continue reading.

Rockland County Welcomes 155 new Americans in a Naturalization Ceremony

Pomona, NY – Rockland welcomed 155 new Americans today in a touching Naturalization Ceremony held at the Fire Training Center on Feb 2. Rockland County Executive Ed Day Continue reading.


Despite media push, entertainment mogul Oprah says it’s “not in her DNA” to run for president.


Oprah Winfrey’s 2018 Golden Globes speech Jan 10 has sparked unbelievable social media speculation that the television billionaire might run… Continue reading.

Esteemed Surgeon allegedly choked nurse for not following doctor’s order

BY CAROL MCILMURRAY Nassau Police allege an esteemed doctor Venkatesh Sasthakonar, Albertson, NY violently attacked nurse for not following patient medication order at the correct time. Continue reading.

Clarkstown residents told to watch out for large “coywolf” wandering in backyards; some residents don’t believe “coywolves” are in the area

Clarkstown Police are warning residents to stay away from a large hybrid coyote that’s been wandering around homes, rural woods and businesses in Congers. Continue reading.

Jamaican ‘Golden Krust’ Empire Slated to Open $37 million plant in Rockland after shock of CEO’s death

Lowell Hawthorne, who built a Caribbean fast food empire with a dozen family members, was found dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound inside his Bronx factory Continue reading.

Obama’s Legacy: The Top Ten BY JEFFREY OPPENHEIM, M.D.

a first look back BY JEFFREY OPPENHEIM At the conclusion of every Presidency, the process of absorbing and distilling the complexity of successes and failures begins. This is the means by which a legacy is created. In some cases, the process is quick, while in others it takes generations. Continue reading.


Dylan Lentini, a transplant from Sacramento, CA, was living in NYC homeless shelters before the Dec. 1 late night slay of Michael Wimbert, 66. Lentini is now temporarily residing at Rockland County Jail in New City as he awaits trial for the killing that has sparked much water cooler talk and online controversy. Continue reading.

Sister of Rockland’s Craigslist Killer, Dylan Lentini, speaks out; “I hope he never gets out!”

  • Dylan Lentini’s sister says she isn’t buying self-defense for late night stabbing of Michael Wimbert ; she says story doesn’t add up
  • Sister says she called cops on Lentini in June for breaking in grandmothers house at 3 a.m. while she was sleeping
  • Sister claims Lentini killed baby kittens over summer because they were not listening to him
  • Sister claims Lentini made other bad deals on Craigslist
  Continue reading.

PBA not happy about Clarkstown chief suspension and asks for him to be reinstated

Chief Michael Sullivan had another strong turn out of support, this time over 200 members of the Clarkstown Police Benevolent Association(PBA) and Rockland PBA came to Clarkstown Town Hall to confront Supervisor George Hoehmann and request Hoehmann to reinstate Michael Sullivan to his police chief position while the hearing process plays out. Continue reading.

Clarkstown’s Brady Bunch branches County-wide

By The Rockland Post.  The political fallout from the suspension of Chief Michael Sullivan continues. Continue reading.

OP/ED: Donald Trump, GOP’s 400-pound gorilla in the room?

BY JEFFREY OPPENHEIM M.D. On May 28th a three-year-old boy slipped into the gorilla cage at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden where he was grabbed by a 17-year-old gorilla named Harambe. Zoo officials felt obligated to kill Harambe in order to prevent injury to the youth. The decision made by these officials gripped the nation as people sought to find someone to blame for the unfortunate event. Ironically, the tragedy in the Cincinnati zoo has a metaphor in our presidential politics. To wit, Harambe the Gorilla and Donald Trump have a lot in common. Continue reading.


BY CAROL MCILMURRAY Dr. Ira Bernstein, of Rockland Podiatry, bailed out of jail today, leaving “Kelly Myzner” , who cops say is Bernstein’s girlfriend and co-conspirator to his wife’s foiled murder plot, behind bars. Continue reading.

The Ballad of Christopher St. Lawrence and the people around the Ramapo Mountains; PART ONE



Recently indicted on 22 counts of felony bond fraud  Supervior Christopher St. Lawrence (CSL), was born and raised in the Ramapo Valley area.

Many members of the habitually sleepy bedroom community were actually… Continue reading.

Crime: KING CSL Back at the helm of police commission; the people bring their picket inside building

BY CAROL MCILMURRAY, editor-in-chief Carol McIlmurray is an investigative journalist and the creator of Contact Carol at Continue reading.

POLITICS: Presidential Hopeful John Kasich Woos Pearl River Crowd for Republican Victory Gala on Saturday Night

Rockland Republicans enjoyed Lincoln Victory Gala in style at Pearl River Hilton with special guest John Kasich. Continue reading.