Topic: Medical Advancements and Funding

What is happening in the medicine world and how are we paying for it.

Center for Disease Control says its time to get your flu shot

Take time to get a flu vaccine according to CDC. 

  • CDC recommends a yearly flu vaccine as the most important step in preventing influenza infection.
  • Flu vaccines protect against 3 or 4 different flu viruses. Three component vaccines… Continue reading.

NYS Healthcare single-payer reform passes Senate and Assembly, Gov. Cuomo to sign/veto, read actual bill here

This bill would create a universal single payer health plan -New York Health - to provide comprehensive health coverage for all New Yorkers. Continue reading.

NYS Gov Cuomo Signs Exec. Order Banning All State Agencies and Authorities from Doing Business with Companies that Promote or Tolerate Discrimination

"Governor to Advance Legislation Banning "Gay Panic" as Accepted Legal Defense for Violent Action Based on Victim's Gender, Gender Identity, or Sexual Orientation"... WATCH VIDEO, SOUND CLOUD HERE Continue reading.

Esteemed Surgeon allegedly choked nurse for not following doctor’s order

BY CAROL MCILMURRAY Nassau Police allege an esteemed doctor Venkatesh Sasthakonar, Albertson, NY violently attacked nurse for not following patient medication order at the correct time. Continue reading.


A look at how Obamacare has failed healthcare already








Anyone who believed the cavalcade of audacious promises made by President Obama in an effort to sell Obamacare to the American public should have long since recognized that they were… Continue reading.

FIRST WORDS: Welcome to

BY CAROL MCILMURRAY A sneak peek of what to expect from us. Continue reading.

EXPECT: More written content in upcoming weeks, months

BY CAROL MCILMURRAY What's the plan of action for the coming months at Rockland Post? Read here to find out! Continue reading.