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Topic: Political Profiles

Who is doing what for Rockland County? Get to know your representatives even better.

Wolfe & Cornell say Shutdown Of Troubled Indian Point Means Improved Safety For The Public & The Environment

Wolfe & Cornell: Shutdown Of Plagued Indian Point Means Improved Safety For The Public & The Environment


Former Chairman Wolfe (D-Montebello) did not seek re-election as Chairman.Days before of his clerk and former Ramapo Councilman Daniel Friedman… Continue reading.

Global Warming: Brighter Days Ahead BY JEFFREY OPPENHEIM M.D.

Global Warming: Brighter Days Ahead


Listening to the news you might think that the United States is not only responsible for global warming, but is dodging its responsibility to address this problem. Every hot spell, cold… Continue reading.

To predict…or not to predict…that’s the question BY MAYA NASH

To predict…or not to predict…that’s the question…


It’s that time again, new beginnings as we  resolve to be better people, happier, more organized, thinner richer, the list goes on. We are chomping at the bit for… Continue reading.

Obama’s Legacy: The Top Ten BY JEFFREY OPPENHEIM, M.D.

a first look back BY JEFFREY OPPENHEIM At the conclusion of every Presidency, the process of absorbing and distilling the complexity of successes and failures begins. This is the means by which a legacy is created. In some cases, the process is quick, while in others it takes generations. Continue reading.

Those Who Fail To Learn From History Are Doomed To Repeat It BY HON. LON HOFSTEIN

BY HONORABLE LON HOFSTEIN Minority Leader – Rockland County Legislature represents

edited by rocklandvoice.com’s editor, Michael Hull

Originally published by rocklandvoice.com

Just a few short years ago, this county was on the verge of financial ruin. A new administration at… Continue reading.

captionthisrocklandpost: Donnie Trumpet and Kanye

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HISTORY: Toys of our youth BY JAMES LEINER

"Remember the Days?" December 2016 The toys of our yesteryears JAMES F. LEINER Continue reading.

Trump’s nuclear cabinet appointments BY JEFFREY OPPENHEIM, M.D.

Thanks to the Democrats, Donald Trump will be relying upon the “nuclear option” almost immediately. This is not to say that he will be starting a nuclear war, but that he can rest comfortably knowing that even his most controversial nominees to more than 1,000 government Continue reading.



Dear Editor at RocklandPost.com,

This letter is in response to recent [Letter to the Editor] regarding Aluf Plastics, Inc. As in any disagreement, there are two sides to this story. And while Aluf has been working closely with… Continue reading.

Winter Coat Drive To Benefit Local Families



Legislators Paul & Wolfe Partner With People To People

To Collect New, Gently-Used Coats, Sweaters

New City, NY (Dec. 2, 2016) – Rockland County Legislator Aney Paul (D-Nanuet) and Legislature Chairman Alden H. Wolfe (D-Montebello) have… Continue reading.

OP/ED: I want to move to Bermuda, where they have immigration laws! BY LAWRENCE GARVEY



I want to move to Bermuda, buy a taxi and spend the rest of my working life driving tourists to and from the airport and giving tours of the small island paradise. Why not? The island… Continue reading.

Letter to the Editor: CLEAN AIR FOR ORANGETOWN

Dear editor at rocklandpost.com,

“Clean Air for Orangetown responds to the statement from Aluf Plastics published in the Pearl River Patch on November 15th, 2016.

On Wednesday, November 16th, 2016, the Town of Orangetown’s Zoning Board deemed Orangeburg’s Aluf Plastics… Continue reading.


Growler & Gill

Tastings & Events

Thurs Brewery Tastings 6-9pm 11/17 Troegs 12/1 Peekskill

Wed Trivia 7-9pm

Tues Open Mic 6-11pm

Sat 11/19 Growler & Gill Anniversary Special. Free shorty for anyone with a rewards card… Continue reading.

ART OPENING THIS SATURDAY ‘One Man’s Nature’ Lagstein Gallery


Upcoming Exhibit

One Man’s Nature

Photographs by Aaron Winters

Opening Reception Saturday, November 19 2:00-4:00 PM

On view November 17 thru December 25, 2016

GALLERY HOURS Thursday, Friday, & Sunday 2-6 PM or by appointment

85 South Broadway Nyack,… Continue reading.

America Embarks on New Direction; future of both parties uncertain



November 9th 2016 is not a day that will “live in infamy”. It is not the beginning of the end of women’s rights, minority rights or LGBT rights. It is also not the first day on… Continue reading.


It's over. President-elect Donald Trump triumphed over mass media and political establishment with his brash commentary and plan to overhaul America and American diplomacy as we know it. Continue reading.

Whose going to win today in Rockland?

Happy Election Day to all the candidates!

Election season comes to a close today. Many are hoping when they go to bed tonight they will know who the next President of the United States will be and many campaigns across… Continue reading.

Rockland County, A County Divided.

republished from JUNE 26, 2016-We republish this article because it has been getting over 200 views a day for close to two months and always remained in the top ten since its publication . Election season has people revisiting this story. BY CAROL MCILMURRAY One resident likened present day Rockland County to the Bronx in 1969, “it's like the doors are about to blow right open and everyone is pretending like they can stop it.” Continue reading.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR- Why I am voting for Adrienne Carey and Team Hoehmann

There is only one Political Contest in Clarkstown this year , Adrienne Carey vs Dan Caprara and only one choice Adrienne Carey. Councilwoman Carey was appointed on May 3 rd 2016 to fill George Hoehmanns seat that became vacant when he took over as Supervisor. Dan Caprara is running for Town Council for th Continue reading.

OP/ED: The Mandarin Candidate BY JEFFREY OPPENHEIM

BY JEFFREY OPPENHEIM, M.D. Every four years we are told that we are witness to the most important election in our lifetimes.  2016 is, therefore, unique, just like every other Presidential election. But unlike past elections, this year we are now forced to choose between the two worst candidates in modern history. Continue reading.

Congress Overwhelmingly Rejects Obama Veto, Allows 9/11 Victims Families to Sue Saudi Arabia

President Obama’s veto of a bill allowing the families of September 11 victims to sue the Saudi Arabian government was harshly rejected by Congress on Wednesday.

With this veto, the bill will become a law giving victim’s families the… Continue reading.

A Suggestion to Lower New York Property Taxes

BY JEFFREY OPPENHEIM, M.D. There are more than 1,600 local governments in New York, including counties, cities, towns, and villages. In each of these municipalities elected officials are free to set their own salaries as high (or low) as they choose. Unfortunately, there is no standard by which such salaries can be set. Continue reading.

Preserve Rockland hosts Orthodox activists seeking education and marriage reform

BY CAROL MCILMURRAY On Sunday, Preserve Rockland hosted speakers Naftuli Moster of Young Advocates For Fair Education (YAFFED) and Fraidy Reiss, ‘Unchained At Last‘, a non-profit focused on ending forced marriage, to speak to a crowd of 80 people outside the Pearl River Elks club. Continue reading.

OP/ED HUMOR: 2016 Presidental Debate to be held at Hostra University BY CAROL MCILMURRAY

Hofstra University to hold Clinton/Trump debate Monday night at 9 p.m. Donald Trump, classic misogynist and former foe of Rosie O'Donnell, is now battling another woman in the media, this time for President of the United States. The Donald's new female foe is Presidential candidate, Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Continue reading.



CLARKSTOWN- After two months of publicly clashing over police oversight and personnel issues, the local Police Benevolent Association (PBA) and Clarkstown Town Council have agreed to cut $2.75M from the $49.3M police budget for 2017.

Supervisor Hoehmann… Continue reading.

Bill Weber running for Samuel Tress’ Ramapo Council seat in special election this November

I, William J Weber, Jr, formally announce my candidacy for Ramapo Town Council to be held on the next General Election, November 8th, 2016. This election is to fill the Ramapo Town Council vacancy for an unexpired 3 year term. The position was formally held by Samuel Tress, who recently resigned. Continue reading.

Steamboats on the Hudson River

Steamboats on the Hudson River James F. Leiner September 2016 The mighty Hudson River winds its way from deep in the Adirondack Mountains south to the Atlantic Ocean, but its watery length is insignificant when compared to the history the… Continue reading.

OP/ED: “We the People”; Politics, Power, and Policing in Clarkstown, NY


Continue reading.

Remember the Days?: Clotheslines

I was driving around my old South Nyack neighborhood a while ago having a long nostalgic moment. As I drove along Cedar Hill Avenue and turned into Washington Street I thought about the families who once lived in the houses I passed. Families like the Evers, Strickles, Fentons, Friedrichs, Cowards, Cranstons
Continue reading.

OP/ED Special Relativity in Politics

BY JEFFREY OPPENHEIM, M.D. More than 500 years ago the Catholic Popes were known to use their authority to place their relatives in positions of power. Continue reading.

Orangetown Supervisor Andy Stewart not to seek re-election

Eight months after being swore-in for a third term, Orangetown Supervisor Andy Stewart (D) released a press release Friday afternoon stating he would not be seeking re-election in 17 months.  Stewart’s letter to the public stated six years in… Continue reading.

OP/ED: Has this election season gone down the drain?


It’s so easy to dump on Trump. He’s a hot mess. His most recent inanity was to insult the Muslim gold star parents of a fallen soldier. Rather than acknowledge their sacrifice by pointing out that… Continue reading.

Clarkstown’s Brady Bunch branches County-wide

By The Rockland Post.  The political fallout from the suspension of Chief Michael Sullivan continues. Continue reading.

My Refrigerator Door

James Leiner, July 2016 I was visiting a friend recently and sitting at her kitchen table while she prepared coffee in one of those new single cup makers. Lisa and I spent at least ten minutes going through the assortment of coffee and tea selections in those little plastic cups and making small talk about the kids and the weather. I listened as best I could until my attention was drawn to her refrigerator door; Continue reading.


PHOTOS BY DORICE ARDEN STORY BY CAROL MCILMURRAY Six days after Police Chief Michael Sullivan was suspended from office, a "We Support Michael Sullivan" rally drew over 500 law enforcement professionals, town employees, and residents. Continue reading.