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Horoscope and Planetary Happenings

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  • Goddess of the month – Asteria –Greek Goddess of the stars. She is also mother of Hecate the Goddess associated with witches and magic.

    July 4 – Independence Day
    July 5 – Full Blessing Moon in Capricorn/Lunar Eclipse
    July12 – Mercury goes Direct
    July 20 – New Moon in Cancer
    July 22 – Sun enters Leo

    Who Let the Dogs Out, Dog Days of summer

    The days we longer for all winter are here, letting in the sizzling and steamy dog days of summer. Ancient Romans referred to the hottest, most humid days of summer “diēs caniculārēs” or “dog days. They saw it as a period of heat, drought, abrupt thunderstorms, lethargy, fever, mad dogs, and bad luck. Many dog owners believe that the phrase “dog days of summer” has something to do with the way many canines act in the summer: panting a lot or behaving listlessly. “Dog days are rooted in astronomy. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac the customary timing of the Dog Days is 40 days beginning July 3 and ending August 11, coinciding with the heliacal at sunrise rising of the Dog Star, Sirius. Sirius was known as the “Dog Star” because it was the brightest star in the constellation .According to Greek mythology, Sirius was the dog of the hunter Orion.

    Relationships are being tested as change throws you a curve ball…is willing to compromise and allow growth to occur…lessons are learned through challenges.

    Past loves and old friends are likely to make contact…don’t act impulsively…or commit to anything, unless it’s committing to your own well-being.

    Your hard work and ambition are finally paying off in big ways…due to world events and planetary chaos, there are still some timing issues…which, in the near future you will see the miracle of it all.

    Team work is what it’s all about this month in all areas…being willing to ask for assistance, it truly shows your strength in leadership. Watch possessions closely.

    The strange circumstances of the past few months may have you rethinking career moves…stay focused, have a backup plan and be open to news ways to get the job done. Good fortune is waiting.

    To avoid misunderstandings and delays focus on clarifying communications…accept your part and step away from the drama…the battles have little to do with you, and that’s a blessing.

    New career opportunities present themselves and you are quick to add to your already heavy workload… you may find it hard to devote adequate time for your personal needs…pencil in plenty of respite…use caution in travels.

    Expect gradual yet steady progress in business matters…the atmosphere at work may be a challenge that may also spill into home life… stay grounded without losing your patience; there are still special moments to lift your spirits.

    Avoid getting stressed out if career matters don’t go your way initially …a welcome development regarding career adds to financial gain…and you see the positive side of divine timing…disappointing travel plans are saved by your creativity.

    This is a perfect time to look into furthering education and learning new skills…have a backup plan for everything….and refrain from overspending….Reach out to old friends and make new memories.

    Finish up old projects and release what you have outgrown…it’s time to research how to move forward in a more productive manner…finances are stable…save as much as you can now for future security.

    Create balance between work and play…relationship issues has a positive outcome as long as you re flexible and open-minded….start a new healthy routine…that is how your energy returns.