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Horoscope and Planetary Happenings

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January 2017 Horoscopes and Planetary Happenings  by Maya Nash

Jan. 1– Happy and blessed New Year…. Welcome 2017… the number 17 symbolizes–   Insight, responsibility, self-discipline, strength, compassion, spiritual consciousness, wisdom, a desire for peace and love for all .  Make a little noise to drive away negative energies

Jan. 8– Mercury Direct- breathe a sigh of relief.

Jan. 12– Full Cold Moon- Cleanse and recharge your crystals and magical tools

Jan. 27– New Moon in Capricorn- Time to set those new plans into motion. Chinese New Year…Year of the Rooster. Make sure you cleanse your home prior to Lunar New Year to clear away old and negative energy and to clear a path for new good fortune to enter, Think red …red flowers, red apparel


Tarot of the Month-The Fool. How fitting to begin not only a new year, but this new feature, than to start with The Fool. This card in numbered 0- representing a brand new cycle and unlimited potential. The Fool is creative, imaginative, and artist if you will. In a reading his message is of new beginnings, a fresh start, but he often warns to look before you leap.

Capricorn-Working on yourself does wonders for your relationships- and garners lots of support both personal and professional. Take the first week slow and easy, but after Mercury goes Direct on 1/8 its full steam ahead, Exercise helps those stiff joints.

Aquarius- You begin the year by evaluating your options and planning new adventures. School or recreation classes benefit you greatly as does a new hobby. If you are missing someone, let them know…they may be missing you, too.

Pisces-Travel and social functions are intertwined and at the forefront. Creative ventures are born from your deep spiritual nature. This is a year of expanding and stepping out of the tried and true. Your loved ones need a bit more attention.

Aries- So much activity at home and work is nothing new to you and you normally meet the demands, but take some time to decompress and you will achieve much. Letting go is difficult but someone near and dear needs to fly solo for a while.

Taurus- Not a month to overspend, instead derive a practical saving plan and stick to it. The nesting and decorating bug has bitten, and you find ways to repurpose so sticking to your budget is easy. Although romantic encounters abound, career issues come first with a heavy work schedule ahead.

Gemini– It is important now to be a team player and put that independent spirit on a back burner for now. You may find it hard to get back to a routine after the festive holiday season. Work on ways to tweak your schedule…that will help.

Cancer– Nothing is more important to you than family and friends but your career demands are challenging. Carve out a few special moments with loved ones between. You may be called to play peacemaker at work…and your rational spirit saves the day.

Leo- Home matters and family must be a priority this month. Be flexible and patient at all costs. Address household- restoration, repairs now before matters get worse… and don’t be afraid to ask for assistance…it can only benefit you in the long run.

Virgo- Finances are favorable and a little treat will lift your spirits. Your strong logical manner will help elevate another’s mood…and you will both feel better. Long term travel plans are in progress…looks like a full date book through summer.

Libra- Domestic concerns top the priority list this month…a change of location and or career changes maybe not go as planned…take comfort…it’s all part of a greater plan. Romance puts a smile on your face and warmth in your heart. Be sure to hydrate…your skin will thank you.

Scorpio-The month begins by you taking the lead and being even more independent at work…after mid-month its fine to lean on others…just don’t share your long term goals. Reach out to old friends and lost family members.

Sagittarius- It may take lots of effort and strength will to deal with people this month, esp. family members…you are strong enough to conquer…and get all back on track. Take a time out, solo, is best. Love will find out, in an unexpected manner.