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Horoscope and Planetary Happenings

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March 2018 Horoscope and Planetary Happenings


March 8Mercury enters its shadow period

March 8– Jupiter Retrograde- Jupiter goes retrograde once a year for 120 days. When Jupiter is retrograde it is good to review our visions, ideals, and principles.

March 22– Mercury Retrograde in Aries. Mercury goes retrograde 3 or 4 times per year. It takes 88 days to complete its revolution around the Sun. During this retrograde be sure to have back up plans, mistakes, misinterpretations, problems in communication and transportation should be expected. Do not sign contracts, make major purchases, or begin new projects. It is a very good time to reflect, research, and clear away what is no longer needed in order to prepare for goals down the road.

March 17– New Moon- The change we are working towards is more successful if we begin and set goals during this Moon cycle.

March 17– St. Patrick’s Day-. In traditional Irish folk tales, there are no female leprechauns, only male and always stylishly attired. Their only purpose is to make and mend shoes…oh and of course guard those huge pots of gold…for which they are handsomely paid.

March 20 Spring/Vernal Equinox- First day of spring.  The sun crosses the plane of the earth’s equator, making night and day of approximately equal length all over the earth. Celebrate by purchasing some flower seeds to plant later or treat yourself to cut flowers, plan a garden, pick up some trash, feed the birds.

March 30 Full Worm Moon-Write your wish for the new season on a dried Bay Leaf. Hold it in your left hand and meditate on a positive outcome. Then safely burn the leaf. Offer a prayer of gratitude.

Horoscope and Planetary Happenings


Capricorn-It’s time to rethink and  research as soon it will be  time to launch new ideas and take actions. You may surprise yourself with new found creativity. Take some time out for a little romance. Spending time enjoying Nature will have a medicinal affect.

Aquarius-Your social skills take center stage and you help others achieve their goals as well. A gentle push is needed in romance…go ahead speak up….but be thoughtful with your words.

Pisces- Getting everyone on board may be a bit of a challenge…don’t give up your sensible attitude will eventually rub off. It’s time to plan a quick getaway to recharge your batteries.

Aries- With so much to do, your patience may frayed thin so remember the key word for your month is compromise…things may not be exactly as planned…in fact they could work out even better.

Taurus- Spring fever is hitting early as your focus is on sprucing up and working on new plans both at home and at the office. Hold off on major purchases now until after Mercury goes Direct.

Gemini- A productive month lies ahead and increases not only finances but your confidence as well. An interesting stranger enters your life and there is no shortage of romantic possibilities

Cancer- Timing plays an important role this month…being in the right place at the right time etc.…but with Mercury retrograde expect delays…leave extra time when traveling and for important meetings.

Leo- Ever ambitious, you face the month with a winner’s attitude as you multi task and bring new ideas into the spotlight. Leave some time for a little travel to recharge your battery.

Virgo- Career aspirations are yours for the asking…but will require some training classes …double check your calendar often this month and take care not to overbook.

Libra-You are asocial butterfly this month and that’s good for your soul. Just stay on top of business responsibilities…lucky for you mixing business and pleasure is possible.

Scorpio– Addressing what you have been avoiding is wise…clear up old business then replace with positive new ventures…and adventures. Care in finances is needed until Mercury goes Direct.

Sagittarius- Work is demanding and you may feel overwhelmed and exhausted but spirits will be lifted as others let you know just how appreciated your efforts are. Trying a new form of exercise is a perfect fit.


Planetary Miscellany    

What is Spelling Casting? Part I

Bet the mere mention of Spell Casting conjures up many an image of groups Witches standing around a blazing cauldron under the veil of darkness, a pinch of some Eye of Newt  add some frog legs and poof a cloud of grey smoke appears confirming the spell has been set into motion. Now, many of you reading this may be waiting for me to either verify or deny this practice. Yes, often a coven does work as a group to raise energy and power for a common goal after all there is power in numbers. Many more work solo. Do they light candles, burn incense, use crystals? Some may, others may use only the power of their intent. Do they use Eye of Newt and Frogs Legs, yes sometimes, but it is important to note what those ingredients really are. We have William Shakespeare to thank for those early nicknames.  Plants or herbs were/are used in many magical practices.  To make it easy to remember ,plants were given names that were descriptive to their appearance … often in the middle of the leaf – if it looked s like an eye it  was called Eye of Newt, The most common Eye of Newt is Daisy or Mustard seed, oh and those frog legs…Buttercups. Now that is cleared up you can see what may have sounded negative and malicious is actually very sweet. So what exactly is a spell, often called a charm, it is, plain and simple a prayer.  It is a set of words, spoken or written, which are considered to invoke some magical effect. The most important thing to remember in spellcasting –   never interfere with another person’s freewill and only ever work for the highest good. If you would like more information on this subject check back here in April