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Meet Our Contributors

Rockland Post Magazine, Release date to be announced

Executive Editorial Board 

Carol McIlmurray, Editor

Al Thomspon, Director of Photography

Sandy Lynn Riefberg, Special Editor

Dylan Skriloff, Executive consultant to the editor

Amy Van Housen, Executive assistant to the editor


Jaimie Sirovich, Technical 

Jessisa Silva, Line 

Kevin Tyliszczak, Copy 

Al Thompson, Photo

Sandy Lynn Riefberg, Creative Writing

Meet our Columnists

Troy Mauriello, Sports in Review

Lawrence Garvey, ‘That’s Politics’

Fred Castendena, Rocklandpost’s World Travels

Carol McIlmurray, ‘Female Firsts’ /’Hilarious Observations’

Kevin Cannon, ‘Manologues from the Cave’

Alicia Shannon, ‘Rocklandpost’s Parenting Chronicles’

Maya Nash, Astrology/Horoscopes

Meet our Creatives

Jason Steinberg Talent Agency, Casting

Mitch Saul, Supervising Video Editor/Producer

Frank LoBondi, Photojournalist

Kristi Colbz, Photographer

Jennifer Groff, Newsreporter- Ramapo Beat

Jim Gatti, Music

*Positions Open*, Web, Technologies and Science


Levi Danders, Midwest -Ohama

Brett Jones, Midwest-St. Louis

Jeni Adams, West Coast -Idaho

Support Staff

  • Brain Roessel, Creative Writing Community Outreach Liason
  • **Positions Open**, High School Correspondents

  1. Special Guest Creatives

  • Leah Buchanan, Special Relations Advisor
  • Lilie E. Thompson,  Junior news reporter
  • Nina Jean Berlin, Muse-at-Large

April to April 2016-2016 Feature Talent

Russell Tracey, Featured Cartoonist 2016-17

Alfonso Valdivia, Featured Artist 201-17

Celeste Rose Wood, Featured Poet and creative writer 2016-17

Grant Scully, Featured Photographer 2016-17

Accepting submissions for 2017-18 Featured Talent


Crime, CA McIlmurray

Letters to the Editor (LTE)- unsolicited materials welcome, we reserve the right to publish, no guarantee of publication

Law, Lawrence Garvey ESQ.

Medicine,  Wendy Epstein, M.D.

Real Estate, Sue Campus


Profiles, Carol McIlmurray

Religion, *Rotating Guest* Open submission call until 2.2.17

Humor, Carol McIlmurray

Science, ***TBA***

Rockland Post Magazine Advertising Team

Jason Steinberg Talent Agency, Casting

Mitch Saul, Supervising Video Editor/Producer

Carol McIlmurray, Marketing Strategist/In-House Advertising Coordinator

Erik J. Estrada-Ferris, Business Account Retention/Development

Denise LoPiccolo,  Advertising Sales

Alfonso Valdivia, Director of Hair, Make-up, and Design for Commercial Photography

Cat Carroll, Lead Make-up Artist for Commercial Photography

***TBA***, Master Colorist/Hair for Commercial Photography


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  1. The rocklandpost was created in loving memory of Laura Lynn Braunsdorf daughter of Jules Braunsdorf, the father of Pearl River, real inventor of the lightbulb, artist and inspired creative of the 1800’s. The rocklandpost fondly and kindly remember Julia Braunsdorf, wife and mother of Jules Braunsdorf and their family including Laura Lynn.
    The rocklandpost would not be possible with the efforts of Tom and Annie Mary of Ballanhinch & the special and rare skill sets of Patrick and Celia of New York.
  2. Keep reading, it’s only going to get more and more interesting from here on out!